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Comments: VR stadium Intel how to do the layout? This article comes from the love of children PC era, Intel to chip manufacturing out of the world, but with the rise of mobile intelligent devices, PC market gradually depressed, but Intel also missed the mobile chip market. After the rise of VR, Intel also pay close attention to the layout of this area, but VR can help Intel stand up? Acquisitions and investments in parallel, covering different areas of VR today, foreign media reported that Intel is preparing for the acquisition of VR live virtual reality company Voke. Previously, New York fashion week Intel has worked with Voke’s platform TrueVR completed the VR live, while Intel or Voke A round of financing investors. Intel James Carwana said, with the motion capture, network connectivity, data analysis and interactive technology innovation, sports should begin to develop in the direction of digitization. Intel is building a range of solutions to provide a new, immersive experience for athletes, sports enthusiasts and content producers." Because Voke through the VR broadcast NBA and the North American Hockey League (NFL) is famous for sports, and general VR live only by the content producers decided to view is different, Voke allows users to view, arbitrary switching in the broadcast process to adjust the video schedule. In addition, it also provides 2D video streaming content to mobile devices, tablets and tvs. Voke technology, select the multi camera program, in 180° semicircular disk join 12 cameras to shoot 3D images, using fisheye lens, ensure the realization of 360 degrees around the time to maintain depth and 3D effect. In addition to the acquisition of Voke, Intel has also acquired an Israeli 3D video technology company Replay in the live broadcast. Replay major sports events broadcast. Intel has been in the VR sports live action, with its newly established "immersion sports entertainment" business related. Previously, Intel also announced the acquisition of computer vision chip company Movidius. Movidius can provide low-power computer vision chip, can be used for unmanned aerial vehicles, VR AR head display equipment. Intel annual investment conference, Intel investment company also announced that it would give the total investment of about $38 million for the 12 technology startups, the start-up companies main business focused on big data analysis, AR and VR technology. Low middle and high market together, Intel layout in what way? Hongkong VR AR MR ecosystem summit this year, Intel sales director Gao Yu said that Intel can provide high performance CPU and GPU, which is still one of its advantages in the field of VR, because the performance of only CPU and GPU are strong enough.相关的主题文章: