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Companies recruit people with disabilities can’t pay the residual premium because enterprises recruit people with disabilities can’t pay the residual premium Mr. Yan Mianyang is a private enterprise boss, is also a legal representative of the talent market. He said that people with disabilities can be linked, mainly because the company only recruit a certain percentage of the disabled, can not pay the disabled employment security fund. Yesterday, the reporter saw a copy of the Mianyang Municipal Local Taxation Bureau, Finance Bureau, jointly issued the "on the disabled and do a good job of the disabled employment security fund collection work notice", clearly stipulates: the gold payment amount = (the number of the disabled employment last year the number of workers the employer × 1.6%- last year; the employer’s actual arrangement ×); last year the employer on-the-job worker year of average wage. Mr. Yan, 1.6% refers to the "< of Sichuan province; People’s Republic of China disabled for > the implementation of the provisions of measures", enterprise employment for disabled persons should not be less than 1.6% of the proportion of the unit employees. Subsequently, Mr. Yan to reporters calculations, if a company with 200 employees, the average annual salary of 40000 yuan. So, if the company did not arrange the employment of persons with disabilities, required to pay the residual premium 128000 yuan. "If the company arrange employment of disabled persons, the monthly wages paid to the disabled and insurance, one year is 50 thousand ~6 million, so you can save 60 thousand ~7 million yuan." Mr. Yan said, at present, in this way to save the cost of the enterprises in the minority. Remind the tax department: if the rental permits escape payment of residual premium enterprises suspected of violating the Chengdu Daily reporter learned that China’s "Regulations" provisions of article ninth of the employment of persons with disabilities: employer employment for disabled persons to the local province, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central People’s Government shall pay the prescribed proportion, the disabled employment security fund. "If the employer and the disabled sign labor contract, buy social insurance, paid wages, we found in the collection of residual premium enterprise is the arrangement of the employment of the disabled." Mianyang City Bureau of Science Fund staff said, as to whether the enterprise to work for disabled persons and the tax authorities "there is no way to manage, it is difficult to deal with". But if the enterprise rent disability card to avoid residual premium, which alleged violations of law, damage the interests of the state. Yesterday afternoon, a deputy director of Mianyang City CDPF introduced recently, they also received a lot of disabled people to reflect the disability certificate affiliated, but tell people not to believe that disabled disabled. "This may be a hoax, we have been to the district and county issued a document, let them notice to all disabled." Chengdu Daily reporter Tang Xiaojun

企业招收残疾人后可不缴残保金   原因   企业招收残疾人后可不缴残保金   严先生是绵阳一家私营企业的老总,也是一家人才市场的法人代表。他表示,残疾人证之所以能够挂靠,主要是因为公司只要招收一定比例的残疾人,就可以不用缴纳残疾人就业保障金。   昨日,记者看到了一份绵阳市地税局、财政局、残联联合发出的《关于切实做好残疾人就业保障金征缴工作的通知》,明确规定:残保金年缴纳额=(上年用人单位在职职工人数×1.6%-上年用人单位实际安排的残疾人就业人数)×上年用人单位在职职工年平均工资。   严先生介绍,1.6%是指根据《四川省<中华人民共和国残疾人保障法>实施办法》的规定,企业安排残疾人就业应不低于本单位在职职工1.6%的比例。   随后,严先生给记者算了一笔账,如果一家公司在职职工200人,年平均工资40000元。那么,如果该公司没有安排残疾人就业,需缴纳残保金128000元。   “如果这家公司安排残疾人就业,每月给残疾人发工资和缴纳保险,一年也就5万~6万元,这样就能节约6万~7万元。”严先生说,目前通过这种方式节约成本的企业不在少数。   提醒   地税部门:如果是租证逃缴残保金 企业就涉嫌违法   成都商报记者获悉,我国《残疾人就业条例》第九条规定:用人单位安排残疾人就业达不到其所在地省、自治区、直辖市人民政府规定比例的,应当缴纳残疾人就业保障金。   “如果用人单位和残疾人签订劳动合同、购买了社会保险、发放了工资,我们在征收残保金时就认定企业是安排了残疾人就业。”绵阳市地税局基金科一工作人员说,至于企业是否让残疾人工作,税务部门“没有办法管理,也很难处理”。但如果企业利用租残疾人证来逃避残保金,这就涉嫌违规违法,损害了国家利益。   昨日下午,绵阳市残联一位副理事长介绍,近段时间,他们也接到了很多残疾人对残疾证挂靠的反映,但残联都告诉残疾人们不要相信。“这也可能是一个骗局,我们已给各区市县发文,让他们通知到各个残疾人。”   成都商报记者 汤小均相关的主题文章: