Dalian man Shijinbumei tourists repeatedly praise-pullip

Dalian man Shijinbumei tourists repeatedly praised the field to Mr. Sun, even before the tour of this newspaper, specially about his lost handbag experience of city of enthusiastic people to appreciate it. "In addition to cash and mobile phones, as well as identity cards and other important cards, once lost, I go home trouble."." Pick up in the hands of enthusiastic people personally hand back to Mr. Sun hands more, so he moved.         Mr. Sun told reporters that he used to even the Mid Autumn Festival holiday tourism, specially to the Xinghai near the seaside, unexpectedly, left hand dropped out. When he returned to the hotel, to see the phone found with phone bags, he hastened to use another phone call to your mobile phone, has no answer, he thought it couldn’t come back, "there are a lot of cash in the bag, the specific amount and I’m not sure." Mr. Sun recalled, more anxious to him, there are important information in the phone, once lost is very troublesome, not to mention there are identity cards in the package, eyes looking to go home by plane, ID card lost, then certainly have to spend a lot of setbacks. Mr. Sun is anxious, he suddenly received a phone call from his mobile phone, a man told him that his bag was picked up, which makes sun overjoyed, he thought about a good place to get himself, the people asked him home said he will just pass by, on the way to him, Mr. Sun deeply touched, "he only said he surnamed Li, but I told him he didn’t want the phone number, said I should be back to the package." Mr. Sun told reporters that the experience made him to Ben’s generous with personal experience in this accident. Reporter Zhou Aina 大连男子拾金不昧 外地游客连连夸赞   外地来连旅游的孙先生日前致电本报,特意讲述了自己手包失而复得的经历,对滨城热心人的拾金不昧十分感激。“除了现金和手机,还有身份证等重要卡证,一旦丢失,我回家都麻烦。”拾到手包的热心人亲自将手包送还到孙先生手上,更让他感动不已。       孙先生告诉记者,他利用中秋假期来连旅游,特意到星海附近的海边,没想到,离开时手包掉了出去。待到回到酒店,他要打电话时才发觉装着电话的手包不见了,他赶紧用自己的另一部电话拨打手机,迟迟没人接,他以为这下找不回来了,“包里有不少现金,具体数额我也不确定。”孙先生回忆,更让他焦急的是,手机里存有重要资料,一旦丢失非常麻烦,更何况包里还有身份证,眼瞅着要乘飞机回家了,身份证丢失,到时肯定也得费一番周折。   正在孙先生焦急之际,他突然接到自己手机打来的电话,一位男子告诉他,手包被自己拾到了,这让孙先生喜出望外,他本想约好地点自己亲自去取,那位热心人询问他住处后表示自己正好会路过,顺路送给他,孙先生感动不已,“他只说他姓李,但我跟他要电话号码他没给,说把包还给我是应该的。”孙先生告诉记者,在连的这段意外经历让他对滨城人的仗义有了亲身的体会。   记者周爱娜相关的主题文章: