Department of engineering, Wuhan University,, the first floor of the demolition

In September 10th the first floor of teaching faculty of Engineering Wuhan University at the demolition of Wuhan Evening News: [to create beauty Department of Wuhan University, a total of Hushan ecological home first teaching building demolition of Yangtze River Network reporter learned 10], as a part of the project of South East Lake environmental remediation, Wuhan University, the first teaching building demolition blasting on September 10th at 0:33 in the morning, the south of East Lake along the beautiful Luojiashan restoration the natural mountain line. It is understood that this building in 1997 by the original Wuhan water conservancy and electric power university started construction in June 2000 put into use. As a product of the concept of "high degree of space" in the last century, it played an active role in teaching and scientific research. However, the volume of the building and the height of the building does not conform to the general plan of the East Lake scenic area of Wuhan (2011 – 2025) approved by the Ministry of housing in 2011. The planning requirements, the city should take full account of the construction of East Lake’s natural landscape features, can not destroy the East Lake landscape space structure and scale. To control the internal Lake area and the city of Hongshan, Luojiashan embedded within the transition zone of the building height, volume, color strictly, echoing with the natural mountain line. The construction of the building is not planned. According to the overall planning, East Lake Scenic Area Management Committee in recent years has been in accordance with the law to implement environmental remediation system engineering. Among them, the start of this year, East Lake Road, along the environmental remediation project, after careful verification from Tongji University, Southeast University, South China Architectural Design Institute and CITIC Architectural Design Institute and other experts. Renovation project of West Wu Wenlan door, East Maple Park East Gate, a total length of 2350 meters, the maximum depth of 260 meters, the minimum depth of 44 meters, including building area of the demolition and the first teaching department of regional engineering also built along the lake, Lake remediation area of about 160 thousand square meters of old building renovation and improvement of the environment. According to Wuhan engineering headquarters responsible person, Department of the first teaching building of the teaching and scientific research units have been in blasting all before the relocation, does not affect the normal teaching order. Li Zhigang, President of the school of urban design, Wuhan University, said that although the removal is only a point, but will lead to a line, a face of environmental remediation. This is the city of Wuhan and the Wuhan University to practice the concept of green development, to build a "major move is Hushan beauty campus and East Lake scenic area.相关的主题文章: