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Dianchi Mid Autumn Festival reproduction Qianfan compete to improve the quality of public Tour – Beijing, Beijing, Kunming, September 17, (Long Wenchi) "in recent years the Dianchi water quality varies greatly, not only can fishing, sightseeing people too much." The Mid Autumn Festival holiday, visit Dianchi, watching the fishing festival show people waiting in a queue, driving a sightseeing cruise in Dianchi staff told reporters, with good water quality, visitors to Dianchi have gradually grown. 16, Zheng He’s hometown Yunnan Jinning held "thousand sails Yunnan Airlines" activities, the activity is one of a series of activities of the fishing festival. It is reported that on the 13 day of this month to start the fishing section is the first time in Dianchi for the first time in to open the big fish fishing rights, the opening of the lake, and the water quality of Dianchi has been continuously improved and the ecological environment is not unrelated to continuous optimization. Director of the Kunming Municipal Administration of Dianchi Yin Jiaping said in kaiyujie, in recent years, the Kunming municipal Party committee and municipal government of Dianchi governance as a top priority of economic and social development to grasp, the water quality of Dianchi from five class to class V, Dianchi ecological and landscape benefit, environment benefit has been revealed, all kinds of land health, aquatic and wildlife, Dianchi native fish more and more. Ms. Zhang Kunming, a family of three to Jinning to watch the thousand sails ceremony, she heard in Dianchi in the past few years great changes, take advantage of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday with the whole family to see. "Dianchi water really becomes clear, no odor, fishing up of fish is very fertile, this is the impression of the mother lake in kunming." Ms. Zhang said. It is understood that from the 13 day fishing festival began, nearly thousands of fishing boats participated in activities related to fishing festival, three days before the opening of the lake fishing, in the Dianchi loop on the Sha Di Cun catches more than 200 tons, the local fish market is hot, the price rising. The staff said, "this is Dianchi three years to re open the big fish fishing rights, in general, edible freshwater fish in the water content of 85–95%, if the water quality is not good, not only the fish itself is contaminated, even eating fish are also affected by the pollution. It also shows that the water environment in Dianchi has been improved." The staff told reporters, after 2009, continued to improve the water quality of Dianchi lake, egrets, pelicans, wild duck and other waterfowl more and more in recent years, the summer, Dianchi tourists every day to thousands of people, tourists gathered in Haigeng wharf. According to the monitoring of Kunming city birds Association, riparian plant communities in Dianchi gradually increased, disappeared for many years Ottelia and other aquatic plants, such as the re emergence of indigenous fish besugo. Dianchi is one of the nine plateau lakes in Yunnan, Kunming is the "Mother Lake", belongs to the Yangtze River inland plateau lake, located in the Yangtze River, Pearl River, Red River 3 major river watershed area. Serious pollution in the last century in 80s, the state has become the focus of governance. Over the years, Yunnan and Kunming through the promotion of sewage lagoon and transportation, and water into the lake basin water diversion, river regulation, agricultural non-point source management, ecological restoration, ecological dredging and construction of "six project" construction, to promote the Dianchi governance for the better development, Dianchi is gradually the past glory. (end)相关的主题文章: