Disabled husband and wife hand in hand smile on life hope to leave home for four years old da-stand by me shinee

The disabled couple hand in hand to smile for life for   leaving four years daughter go home early – Shaanxi channel — people.com.cn original title: Disabled couple hand in hand to smile for life for four years home daughter home early Mei Dengli blindness has been 22 years, blind, his wife has served as his eyes, whether to go home or go out is this hand in hand.   Iron County Zhen Mai Ping Cun Shi Quan, in the courtyard of the sun for 4 days of dry corn, 61 year old Mei Dengli left leaning on a cane, right hand drying corn which gathered piles, 53 year old wife Zhang Shouzhi with a broom and then, two couples put corn into the bag. This kind of work for a blind, a mental disorder in couples, is very difficult, but the total share weal and woe face the difficult life. Mei Dengli family has 3 acres of land, planting, fertilizing and harvesting in the mountains are his wife holding hands together to complete the Dengli mei. The spring harvest rapeseed, corn harvest, which is the main source of a Dengli Mei Mei, Dengli said: "800 pounds of corn this year, a pound can sell a piece of money." Maiden Lee Sede lives in Daba Mountains, in 1984 when nearly 30 years old, looking for a girl to marry Zhang village, is now holding his people. At that time, Dengli eye is good, the mind is also flexible, although the wife is a little mental retardation, but as long as much good to say, she wants to work in the young couple with the housework with so well. The daughter was born 87 years, 93 years and a daughter, 2 daughters pretty cute. 94 years, when Mei Dengli working in the fields, suddenly feel eyes like sand, dung are not clear where food, others say he eye problems, let him treat. But at that time, a farmer had no money, no knowledge, they found a quack doctor to the doctor, and ultimately due to delay treatment led to blindness. After the blind, his wife has been serving as his eyes, whether it is home or go out so hand in hand, the hardships of life so that they can only go hand in hand. This year, the town government is built in the village resettlement housing, the relocation of poverty to his family arrangement is a turnkey housing, that is the new house soon two old people will bid farewell to Adobe houses live not to pay. Mei said: after the relocation of poverty alleviation, housing conditions improved, life will be better and better." The two old people bear bitter hardships the daughter pull, the eldest daughter married, her home is not far from their parents, they can always come back to see. After 90 young daughter Xiao Yun because bear family poverty, four years ago to go home no tidings. They are most concerned about is the youngest daughter, I do not know where the youngest daughter? I do not know the small daughter had gone in a foreign country? They look forward to the young daughter to go home early. (reporter Wei Yongxian) (commissioning editor Ren Zhihui and Wang Li)相关的主题文章: