Dong Mingzhu outgoing chairman of GREE group, GREE Office (only)-douke

The outgoing chairman Dong Mingzhu GREE group only worked for GREE appliances (map) original title: Chairman Dong Mingzhu as GREE group office only in the GREE electric (map)         Dong Mingzhu data figure.. China News Agency reporter Han Haidan photo     GREE Group Chairman Dong Mingzhu retiring at Nanfang Daily only in GREE electric (reporter Shen Mengyi trainee reporter Cao Danling) recently, a "notice concerning the removal of Comrade Dong Mingzhu circulated on the Internet, text display Dong pearl in late October was removed from the GREE group chairman. Reporters learned from the Zhuhai SASAC, the notice is true, Dong Mingzhu is no longer working in the GREE group, GREE chairman and President of the future and only the legal representative. According to the "notice", Zhuhai SASAC issued a notice in October 18th on the GREE board of directors of the group: "from the chairman of the board of directors, the legal representative of Comrade Dong Mingzhu GREE Group Co. Ltd. of Zhuhai post". At present, the official platform of GREE group has not been released and this is related to the notice. Zhuhai SASAC official told reporters, in accordance with the provisions of the listed company and the chairman of the group is generally not concurrently, the SASAC is now slowly straighten out the relationship, is a normal personnel adjustment, business to GREE appliances will not affect." GREE group’s new chairman candidate has not been announced. Link to Dong Mingzhu in 1990 to enter the GREE business manager, 1994 have been Ren Zhuhai GREE electric Limited by Share Ltd operating the Department of secretary, deputy general manager, vice chairman, in 2007, she served as president of GREE electric Limited by Share Ltd. May 2012, Zhu Jianghong, founder of GREE, chairman of GREE group, party secretary and President positions, completely retired, replaced by the chairman of GREE group. October 18, 2016, Dong Mingzhu outgoing Zhuhai GREE Group Co., Ltd. chairman, director, legal representative. Editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章: