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Dongguan women help bestie "tickets 4600 yuan for naught" friends "that Miss Zhang tickets Changping woman cheated four thousand of the two days is very depressed, because she was caught, more than 4000 boondoggle. Miss Zhang Maomao and neighbor relationship is very good, like sisters, usually through chat software unfamiliar street to keep in touch. These days, Maomao was traveling in Malaysia. Suddenly yesterday with Miss Zhang sent a message to say. Miss Zhang: "she has booked a ticket to come back the day after tomorrow, but domestic airlines pay limits, she said her money into the airline account, asked me if I could take the money to my card, take out money to help her out of the ticket." She was in Malaysia, Mo that she did go abroad. Maomao sent a message that their bank card transfer amount out, home have something urgent to deal with, I hope Miss Zhang to help her to buy a ticket, then returned to her before. Because two people have good relations, Miss Zhang immediately according to her request to transfer. Miss Zhang: "she made a so-called Han Shuangxi airlines, Korean manager, account. I felt that what all don’t want to, that is Han Shuangxi’s personal account, the agricultural bank gave her 2400 yuan, two in the afternoon before the hit 2200 yuan, a total of 4600 yuan." The transfer is successful, Miss Zhang returned home, and received the message, said it hopes to help her raise money at a time. At this time, Miss Zhang met Mao’s roommate. Maomao roommate: "she told me to let me transfer 4600 to Maomao, because I came back in the car, and also Maomao WeChat voice, I have not heard back to." At this time, Ms. Zhang found Maomao unfamiliar street account has been stolen, and the Korean manager of the phone is always busy.

东莞女子帮“闺蜜”订机票 4600元打水漂 “好友”让订机票 女子被骗四千 常平的张小姐这两天很郁闷,因为她也“中招”了,四千多块打了水漂。张小姐和邻居毛毛关系很好,情同姐妹,平时都通过聊天软件陌陌保持联系。这几天,毛毛正在马来西亚旅游。昨天突然跟张小姐发来消息说要回国。张小姐:“她就已经订了后天的机票要回来,但是国内航空公司支付限额,她说她的钱打不进航空公司账户,问我能不能把钱打到我的卡上,把钱取出来帮她出机票。”她就在马来西亚,陌陌上显示她确实是去了国外。毛毛发来消息说自己银行卡转账额度用完了,国内有急事需要处理,希望张小姐先帮她买机票,之后再把前还给她。因为两个人关系不错,张小姐马上就按她的要求转账。张小姐:“她又发了一个所谓航空公司韩双喜,韩经理的电话、账户。我就傻傻的当时什么都没想,那个账户是韩双喜个人的,在农业银行给她打了2400元,下午两点之前打了2200元,总共4600元。”转账成功后,张小姐回到家,又收到对方消息,说希望再帮她筹一次钱。这时候,张小姐遇到了毛毛的室友。毛毛室友:“她跟我讲说让我转账转4600给毛毛,因为我回来时候在车上时,还在和毛毛微信语音,我都没有听说毛毛要回来。”这时候,张小姐才发现毛毛的陌陌账号已经被盗,而这位韩经理的电话则始终打不通了。相关的主题文章: