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Double 11 day telephone harassment was intercepted 180 million times daily high – Beijing Double 11 day telephone harassment was intercepted 180 million times daily highs just past the "double 11", 360 Internet Security Center released the "2016 ten a Chinese online shopping safety special report" shows that in all online shopping Carnival at the same time, a telephone harassment a record high, phishing sites also entered the active state. Harassing phone calls intercepted 180 million times the data show that the double 11 day, 360 mobile guards intercept harassing phone calls up to 180 million times, spam messages intercepted up to 190 million times, have hit a record high. In the double 11 days ago, 360 mobile guards intercepted a variety of harassing phone calls for the 1 billion 620 million time, the average intercept 160 million times a day, ten. In November 11th the same day, intercept reached 180 million times, harassing phone calls also refresh the record. In these harassing phone calls, advertising sales accounted for the highest, followed by telephone fraud and real estate agency. The number of SMS fraud than usual turned over 1 times. From fraud SMS number: the use of pseudo base station sent, posing as the bank’s customer service number 955XX up to nearly 40%. Among them, posing as a bank fraud SMS corresponds to the most important way of fraud is false integral exchange, false bank account anomalies, failure, upgrade information, etc.. It is worth noting that this year, with the country of the bank card, mobile phone card name system management have been strengthened, there are many specialized bank cards, phone cards require real name makeup, identity authentication information for the interface, for users of personal information SMS fraud. Is fishing hand chop party about 50000000 report also pointed out that the "double 11" on the same day, 360 for the user to intercept phishing attacks 51 million 930 thousand times than in 2015 dropped 52.8%, but the number of new phishing sites all day long intercepted an increase of 18.7%. The 360 chief anti fraud experts Pei Zhiyong analysis pointed out that in previous years, "double 11" will be large-scale outbreaks of false shopping phishing sites significantly reduced this year, that after years of mobile phone shopping APP applications gradually spread, people usually love online shopping usually installed Taobao, Jingdong and other mobile phone client, phishing URLs to the consumer can greatly reduce the probability of. However, the production of fake phishing sites more sophisticated, and a large number of phishing sites are completed through the invasion of the regular website. It is understood that in November 10th and 11, fishing website builders use phishing techniques including imitation, imitation of famous bank regular electricity supplier website site, mobile phone adapter directional fishing and other variety of patterns to deceive users, and security vendors "wits", and the counterfeit objects phishing site is everything. According to the nets platform (the first police joint network fraud reporting platform) statistics, from November 1st to 11, the platform has received national users report 532 cases, involving a total of about 4 million 912 thousand yuan, per capita losses of about 9233 yuan, slightly higher than the 9187 yuan in the third quarter of this year. Beijing morning news reporter Jiao Likun相关的主题文章: