Double 11 return Raiders online shopping in the pit-pullip

Double 11 return Raiders wary of online shopping in those pits double 11 approaching, but also can not help but buy a year to buy buy, but unfortunately for the purchase of defective goods, do you know how to return? According to the State Administration for Industry and commerce network "purchase of goods seven days no reason to return the implementation measures (Draft)", the online shopping seven days no reason to return not to make a clearly defined scope, to master the knowledge, will make you more comfortable online shopping experience. Among the many consumers in the online shopping way past online shopping return will meet a variety of merchandise category does not apply to 7 days no reason to return; the sale of goods damaged packaging can not be returned; goods repairs beyond return time…… In the face of all kinds of rhetoric, consumers should know how to correctly deal with. Case 1 fakes difficult return consumers Ms. Wang to reflect that the day before a sale by App bought a pair of new balance shoes, the price of about 260 yuan. After the receipt of the goods found, not only by the extrusion deformation of the box, the arrival of the commodity model and the model is not consistent with the single, and the workmanship is very rough. When Ms. Wang thought to find a platform to return, found no small ticket, and customer service phone no answer. Case analysis: in the above cases, consumers are likely to be because of cheap and buy a cottage products. It is understood that Ms. Wang purchased with a genuine shoes market price of about 650 yuan, even discounts can not reach the selling price 260 yuan. From the level of quality of goods that consumers on the platform to buy new balance shoes, is likely to be fake. Solution: consumers purchase goods or services through the online trading platform, their legitimate rights and interests are damaged, you can ask the seller or service provider compensation. According to the "network buy goods seven days no reason to return the implementation measures (Draft)", the online trading platform providers and network platform should be the seller of goods entered into an agreement to clear both in the implementation of the seven days no reason to return the provisions of their respective rights, obligations and responsibilities. Intimate tips: consumers should try to choose the product of the popularity of online shopping and a larger scale electricity supplier platform, so in the product quality problems, in the enjoyment of after-sales service is more secure. In the face of products that are significantly lower than the market price, consumers should be interested in distinguishing the authenticity of the product. 2 cases of specific category of Mr. Sun before the date of return is difficult to consumers on an electronic business platform on a bookcase, because the price is moderate and the promised delivery, so I bought it. But in the bookcase to the post, Mr. Sun found that not only paint uneven color, a stepping plate affixed to leather is the wrong size, cracking phenomenon, and pungent odor. Mr. Chen in extremely discontent to returned to find businesses, but businesses are given the reply, because the bookcase belongs to furniture products, so not to return. Case analysis: general piece of furniture in the transportation easy to knock, so many businesses will choose to resolve the issue through consultation, and does not provide return service. When a lot of businesses in the web page display of goods, on the one hand will be home to attract consumers, but it will also be clear or dark referred to non serious quality map相关的主题文章: