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Double to enjoy Mid Autumn Moon soul Yu group! September rujierzhi, early autumn surging mood; Mid Autumn Festival is coming, the supermarket filled with diversiform cakes, add a lot of atmosphere for the arrival of the holiday. On September 15-17 into far Mazda large Car Buying day shock struck, invite you to group all of the mid autumn moon, a Happy Mid Autumn Festival! In the shop, surprises and gifts again and again, purchase as soon as possible! Why buy Mazda Mazda everything as far to run around here and there!! Theme: to enjoy the double soul Yu Group mid autumn moon! Hotline: 020-86420080, 28243721 time: September 15, 16, 17 day dealer: Guangzhou as far Mazda exhibition activities address: highlights the huge benefits of Shijing Baiyun District Qingfeng Village Street on the south side of Guangzhou Shi Feng lu! To send!! A ceremony, punctual     successful sign guests send Mid Autumn Festival gift! Two,       passion drive;; the order of registration in accordance with the test drive, turns on a Tezi, CX-4 test drive, experience the pleasure of driving! Three, set as     active link forwarded circle of friends, the top 3 product like most guests can get product like a gift!! Four, mortgage ceremony     down payment as low as 50%, up to the interest rate of 12 financial policy; just an ID card can easily loan car! Five, replacement     second-hand car shop to free evaluation, replacement for 4000-6000 yuan manufacturers discount!   six, referral ceremony     old customers successfully introduce new customers to buy 2015 Tezi, Mazda 8 models sent 1 barrels of synthetic oil. More exciting activities look forward to finding you! For more information, please search and join into far Mazda QQ discussion group: Guangzhou CX-4 Q exchange group: 229838483 Guangzhou Tezi Q exchange group: 332874652     Guangzhou Chengyuan automobile Limited company 400 toll free hotline: 400-606-5660, 400-868-8219 sales hotline: 020-86420080 , 83091998; free assessment of second-hand car replacement hotline: 13570440300.   Guangzhou Baiyun District of Shijing Shi Feng Lu Qingfeng cable factory on the west side of transportation: by 126, 841, 742, 254, 519 bus to Shijing middle school station 24 hours service hot line rescue: 020-86420866 E-mail:    mzd-gzcy@vip.163; Guangzhou far Huangshi Branch Sales Hotline: 020-28243721  address:  , 28243650; Huangshi; Baiyun District of Guangzhou street, Guang Yun Road Building A No. 168 transportation way: take Metro Line 2 to Jiangxia station C exit side, or 12 people take the next相关的主题文章: