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Drink coffee and calcium really can not have both? The word of osteoporosis, a lot of people feel is very far away from their own things, especially young people. The reality is that due to our diet structure, calcium deficiency in most people are very obvious. When you know they are suffering from osteoporosis, either the time or the examination to fracture. Unfortunately, few people take it seriously, probably had listened to the doctor, drink milk for a period of time, one or two months later forgotten. Less than the teacher repeatedly in the lecture conducted a survey, which is less than 10 people to drink milk every day, drink milk more than 1 times a week but also accounted for 1/10 of the number of class. These people are listening to is more concerned about the health of other people, the situation is as can be imagined. Why do we have to emphasize to drink milk every day? Does the other food cannot be calcium? This is because the calcium in milk is easily absorbed by the body of calcium citrate and calcium gluconate, but the content is not low, each containing about 100mg 100ml. If the 300ml milk one drink every day, you can 300mg-350mg intake of calcium, the daily recommended intake of 800mg in the general population is critical. For calcium, 30-35 before the age is the best age, the age of young people to significantly improve the acceptability of milk than after 60, after 70, but still exist inadequate intake of milk, and this kind of people prefer coffee drinks in choice. Now, less than the teacher presents a good way of calcium for these coffee drinkers love. In the choice of coffee as we choose to add more milk category, such as latte. As a result, the side products meet your taste of coffee, one can put milk drink into the body, although this drink milk is very difficult to reach 300ml, but better than not to drink. Buy coffee to add some sugar to reduce as far as possible. The Internet has spread coffee will make calcium loss statement, in fact, there is no need to worry about drinking coffee can make people calcium deficiency problems, there is no science to prove it.