Due to the fast, the baby did not go to a normal position, how to do Sohu –cibi

Due to the fast, the baby did not go to a normal position, how to do? The Sohu came to the last stage of maternal pregnancy, the baby belly seems to turn, seems to be in the mother’s belly to be very comfortable, but how they finally turned to what position, and the production will have what effect? Due last few weeks, most of the baby is ready if this is your first baby, the latest in about 36 weeks, he will fall into the pelvis, ready to be transferred to the output position, and your uterus muscles will be stable, holding the baby. But if you have had a baby, the abdominal muscles are relatively loose, and sometimes the baby will continue to change his position until production. But don’t worry, your doctor will know you better than you, and give you advice on how to help your baby move to the right place. 90% the baby will go to the best position to the baby in the prenatal birth, more than 90% of them will show occipitoanterior (also called Anterior anterior posture, occipital) help mother to smooth them out. The occipital bone is the baby of the rear head, when the baby with this position, he will put his chin tucked in his chest, face slightly for mother’s back, back toward his pillow shares and the mother’s belly. If the stomach is transparent, we stand in front of expectant mothers, in fact, can not see the baby’s face. The pillow speed can help mothers to dilate the cervix before this posture is good, because the baby is likely to squeeze into your cervix, increase the rate of expansion of it, and need mother childbirth hormone. To produce the baby from the pelvis through his head, is the smallest part first squeezed out, when the baby to the pelvic bottom, his head gently turn a direction, so that the head of the most broad places, just where the most broad maternal pelvis but unfortunately, no matter how the pregnant mother still feel the pain. The pregnant mother needs a little harder but also more difficult mothers, because about 10% of the baby not to prenatal occipitoanterior, but occipitoposterior (also known as Posterior, is an occipital) said, the baby’s head while at the bottom, but his brain is toward your dipper back. Such women during childbirth, work hard, labor will pull longer, in addition when the baby with this posture, the skull will be against the mother of the spine, women in labor, especially easy to feel back. The baby to the wrong position for your back hurts. Thanks to the mother probably still can naturally produce, because the medical staff correct guidance and help the mother, the baby will probably be in the production process?, to correct posture, if the baby really do not want to change position, it may have to use forceps or vacuum. Just don’t blame my mother baby let you hard, because they will adopt posterior position, mostly because of pelvic shape and width of the mother, rather than his real choice. As for the other baby transverse and breech different posture mother, may be more hard, maybe you will need a caesarean section, but as long as the baby is born healthy, everything is worth it, right! [more.相关的主题文章: