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During the National Day 2 million 510 thousand tourists visiting the Confucius temple in Nanjing, the old east gate into favorite attractions Southern News Network (correspondent       Xie Jiangping       sun Le       reporter Zhu Kunpeng;         Wei Ming) reporter yesterday from the Confucius temple Qinhuai scenery scenic CMC scenic area was informed that the National Day golden week Confucius Temple Scenic Area (including East Gate) traffic of 2 million 510 thousand passengers, an increase of 13.6%, tourism revenue driven trade rose 12.7%, the total reached 557 million yuan. According to reports, the national day traffic increase, in order to protect the tourists have a clean, safe and comfortable environment, scenic ahead of schedule. During the festival, the area every day led the market supervision, urban management, public security departments, the morning, afternoon and evening to carry out three comprehensive renovation, focusing on food safety inspection and testing requirements, all businesses don’t takeaway food with sharp bamboo, such as bamboo barbecue, reduce the bamboo on the scenic tourist security threats during the golden week, scenic spot no bamboo wounding, food poisoning and other accidents. Large flow of visitors, the environmental protection put forward high requirements, more than 90 cleaners and health management staff to give up holidays, from 6 in the morning to the evening of 12, every day in the scenic area to work for 18 hours. October 3rd, 4, part of the cleaning staff to clean up the scenic area of the road, working until midnight at 4. During the golden week, the amount of waste is 4 to the area every day at 5 times, 7 days a total of more than and 300 tons of garbage removal. In a variety of efforts, this year’s golden week scenic tourism order has significantly improved the level of civilization, a good environment will enhance the willingness of tourists. Holiday 7 days, the scenic trade industry, 307 million yuan, an increase of 10.8%, food and beverage revenue of $224 million, an increase of 14.3%. Among them, the old gate of the east to become the most popular tourist attractions, visitors reached 440 thousand passengers, an increase of 69%.相关的主题文章: