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During the national day of the Guiyang scenic area rich and colorful activities – Guizhou Channel – people.com.cn original title: Guiyang during the National Day activities rich and colorful scenic scenic spots during the national day, Guiyang will launch a series of promotions. Guizhou times launched thousands of people long table feast, Miao minority dance feast, parent-child Carnival and other activities 8. Xiangzhigou Huan Park launched a day, where to buy land Disneyland adult ticket, water park and adult ticket, pass a vote of tourists, can receive a ticket, the date of use. Poly spring launched per total consumption amounted to 388 yuan of the guests would receive 128 yuan worth of hot 1 tickets, and darts win hot ticket activities. Wudang District pianpo village launched "meet drunk beauty of the slope into the Buyi village?" series of activities of the three theme of the bonfire party, "the country interest" — folk interactive experience, "Pian Po taste" — Xiang delicacy series experience etc.. The Grand Canyon Scenic Area launched the "national day of Nanjiang seven Tianle? Fortune to win" activities, with the purchase of tourists sightseeing tickets and tickets to the event to participate in rafting roll wheel, one vote for one chance. Taoyuan River Scenic flower Fang Court Hotel launched orange picking, experience activities such as making small orange. (Jin Maomao) (Liu Sibo (Intern), commissioning editor: Chen Kangqing) original title: Guiyang scenic spots during the National Day activities rich and colorful Guiyang expressway will welcome the largest traffic history recently, Guizhou high speed group Guiyang administration center held a National Day golden week traffic security work conference, is expected to Guiyang will usher in the largest regional expressway traffic history more than the average daily up to 200 thousand vehicles, an increase of more than 20%. According to the introduction, across the north-south direction of G75 LAN Hai high-speed and east-west direction of G60 Shanghai Kunming expressway is still the largest traffic flow line. At present, Guiyang North toll station every day thousands of cars, has begun to peak. It is estimated that the average daily traffic volume of the major toll stations in Guiyang will reach more than 400 thousand vehicles. Guizhou high speed group Guiyang management center to remind: during the national day, some sections of your compliance Road will be blocked, to pass your urn high-speed, high-speed road to Zunyi after the urn to Chongqing direction. During the national day, Guiyang 35 toll stations service convenience points all updated. The reporter saw in the Guiyang West toll station recently, convenient service points have been installed, the cabin is equipped with not only an umbrella, drinking water machine, also placed drugs, sewing, tools etc.. It is reported that part of the toll station is also the first division of maternal and child room, to provide more intimate service for passengers to travel. In addition, during the national day, to ensure that the Guizhou high speed group Guiyang operations center under the jurisdiction of the highway to achieve rapid rescue, will be the first to use unmanned aircraft to patrol duty, about 8 hours a day. (Zhang Wei) (Liu Sibo (Intern), commissioning editor: Chen Kangqing)

国庆期间贵阳景区活动丰富多彩–贵州频道–人民网 原标题:国庆期间贵阳景区活动丰富多彩 国庆期间,贵阳市多个景区将推出系列优惠活动。 时光贵州推出苗族千人长桌宴、少数民族歌舞盛宴、亲子嘉年华等8项活动。香纸沟欢乐园推出买一送一活动,凡购买当日陆地乐园成人票,水上乐园成人票,水陆一票通的游客,可获赠一张所购票种,限当日使用。保利温泉推出每单累计消费达388元的宾客即赠价值128元的温泉门票1张,还有投飞镖赢温泉门票活动。乌当区偏坡乡推出“相约醉美偏坡?走进布依村寨”系列活动三个主题篝火晚会,“乡间趣味”――民俗互动体验,“偏坡的味道”――香猪美食系列体验等。南江大峡谷景区推出“国庆南江七天乐 ?幸运转盘赢大奖”活动,游客凭所购观光门票及漂流票到活动现场参与摇转盘,一人一票一次机会。桃源河景区朵芳阁酒店推出橘子采摘、体验小橘灯的制作等活动。(金毛毛) (责编:刘思博(实习)、陈康清) 原标题:国庆期间贵阳景区活动丰富多彩   贵阳区域高速公路将迎史上最大车流 近日,贵州高速集团贵阳营运管理中心召开国庆黄金周交通保障工作会议,预计贵阳区域高速公路将迎来有史以来最大车流量,日均车辆可达20万以上,增幅超过20%。 据介绍,横穿南北方向的G75兰海高速和东西方向的G60沪昆高速仍然是车流量最大的线路。目前贵阳北收费站每天增加上千辆车,已经开始出现高峰。预计贵阳各大收费站日均车流量进出将达40万辆以上。 贵州高速集团贵阳营运管理中心提醒:国庆期间,贵遵路部分路段会很堵,前往重庆方向可通行贵瓮高速、道瓮高速到遵义后前往。 国庆期间,贵阳市35个高速公路收费站服务便民点全部更新。 记者日前在贵阳西收费站看到,服务便民点已安装完毕,小屋内不仅配有雨伞、饮水机,还摆放了药品、针线、工具等。 据悉,部分收费站还首次划分出母婴室,为出行旅客提供更贴心的服务。 此外,国庆期间,为确保贵州高速集团贵阳营运中心管辖的高速公路实现快速救援,将首次使用无人飞机进行执勤,每天巡逻约8小时。(张薇) (责编:刘思博(实习)、陈康清)相关的主题文章: