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Elegant style! Spring and summer when Louis Koo shared "son" experience – "Dad" entertainment Sohu peeling crew full lineup debut at the Tokyo Film Festival Sohu entertainment news (Zhang Ningwen) the afternoon of October 26th, the twenty-ninth Tokyo International Film Festival main competition of the movie "peeling dad" creative accepted the media interview in Tokyo. Wu Zhenyu talked about the spring and summer as his wife, said with a smile he finished that spring is the Hongkong Film Awards Best actress. Louis Koo talked about filming incident broke the news, see Wu Zhenyu and spring together my husband and wife play, he could not help but laugh. Louis Koo said: "Mom" to see the spring and summer could not help but laugh "Dad" by peeling drama adapted from the Huizhuo is Stuart’s directorial debut. The film from the angle of the election to give people a lot of imagination, Wu Zhenyu played Louis Koo’s father, but also from the old play to young, spring and summer plays the wife of Wu Zhenyu, that is, the mother of Louis Koo. Speaking of the relationship between the characters, Louis Koo Cheng said, with the drama "father" and "mother" on the show, could not help but laugh. Spring and summer is a match to feel the pressure, but also more than once with the director to express, I think I can not, I do not have so much life experience, acting is not rich enough, there are a lot of places not confident." Wu Zhenyu said, with the spring and summer of the filming, I know she is the actress. Stuart Huizhuo share, the first time to meet the spring and summer time chat script, he just listen to cry, is a very sensitive actor, is at this point that he decided to use the spring and summer. Spring and summer is explained, the director told him that the family concept, to talk about why the script to shoot, meaning where, why so many good actors willing to shoot, she thought of their own things can not help but cry. To shoot this movie, and said he has achieved a lot, think more and more need the family relationship understanding and communication, many people may just see our parents are not so bright side, do not know is that parents have encountered what problem, how to pay. Wu Zhenyu a person to play the 6 age groups had suggested the director with popularity of small meat Wu Zhenyu role in the play, from the old gradually evolved into the young. When it comes to the most emotional age, he joked that Alzheimer’s is that, because the show does not have to think too much. After thinking for a moment, he carefully added, actually the most feeling is that he played back to the age of 20, and with young people in Hongkong have forgotten a generation where you come from, those hard times young people don’t remember. The creator, Wu Zhenyu is the first contact with the director, because the two itself is a friend. After he read the script feel very good, but also worried that a person to play, do not carry the responsibility, first suggested the director Stuart Huizhuo, different ages of the father to find different actors to play their own speech, middle age, younger than to find a small meat, such as very high popularity of Yi Fan Wu, luhan. But Stuart Huizhuo think Wu Zhenyu a person to play different ages handsome. After being persuaded, Wu Zhenyu in an interview to complain: "the people of Hongkong is strong, for this word, in order to handsome, my pain for half a year, a person acting 6 age."   相关的主题文章: