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Equity pledge "alarm" Coship or sina finance capital owners Dallas Level2:A shares of sina finance client speed Kanpan: the most profitable investors are using the reporter Li Xingcai, editor of Quan Zeyuan by the controlling shareholder and actual controller equity pledge close to the warning line, with Delta Electronics or "change", the main Internet financial capital intends to take the calf the white plate. This is after Gu technology, and a single for equity pledge risk and will "change" case. Coship announcement today, in February 1, 2016 the company received a controlling shareholder, actual controller Yuan Ming letter, Yuan Ming and Dallas Capital Management Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as Dallas capital) reached a preliminary intention, or the latter control specified related party with the intention of the transferee Yuan Mingsuo holdings of shares in the company. If the deal is reached, Coship or calf capital will be easy to master. Back in January 12, 2016, Coship announcement, issued a notice of suspension, and the disclosure of the Ming Yuan stock pledge close to the warning line. According to the announcement, Yuan Ming directly and through information management plan together hold 126 million shares of the company shares, representing 16.88% of total share capital (including direct holdings 16.5%), which has been used for about 122 million shares held by the pledge financing, accounting for 96.53% of the shares, the pledge of the shares of the financing cordon open lines for 8.5-9.5 yuan. The company’s stock on the 12 day of opening from the suspension, before the suspension closing price of 10.03 yuan; the company said Yuan Ming will take active measures, including financing, margin or additional collateral, in order to maintain stability, and equity in the implementation of the relevant measures as soon as possible after the resumption of trading. Since then, the company issued a progress announcement on January 19, 2016 and 26, and announced in the 26 announcement that Yuan Ming is planning to transfer its rights and interests in the listed company. Where is calf Capital Sacred? The reporter learned from the official website, the Mavericks capital is the Internet banking, wealth management and investment management as the main business of innovative financial services, with three in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen management center; a pot of money Dallas mobile banking platform under the flag, the Mavericks online small loan and inclusive financial platform. The development and production of the main Coship digital satellite receiver of digital television receiving equipment, network, computer, communications, radio and television equipment, software development and system integration of production, and the production of LED electronic display business. THE_END into Sina Financial shares bar discussion

股权质押“响警报” 同洲电子或易主小牛资本 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   ⊙记者 李兴彩 ○编辑 全泽源   因控股股东、实际控制人股权质押接近警戒线,同洲电子或“易主”,主营互联网金融的小牛资本拟接盘入主。这是继顾地科技之后,又一单因股权质押发生风险而将“易主”案例。   同洲电子今日公告,公司于2016年2月1日接控股股东、实际控制人袁明函件,袁明已与小牛资本管理集团有限公司(下称小牛资本)达成初步意向,后者或其控制 指定的关联方有意向受让袁明所持有的公司股份。如该项交易达成,同洲电子或将易主小牛资本。   回溯公告,同洲电子于2016年1月12日发布停牌公告,并披露了袁明股票质押接近警戒线事宜。据公告,袁明直接及通过资管计划合计持有公司股份1.26亿股,占公司总股本的16.88%(其中直接持股16.5%),其中约1.22亿股已用于质押融资,占其所持有股份的96.53%,质押股份的融资警戒线 平仓线为8.5-9.5元。公司股票于12日开市起停牌,停牌前收盘价为10.03元;公司表示袁明将采取积极措施,包括筹措资金、追加保证金或者追加质押物等,以保持公司股权稳定性、并在实施相关措施后尽快复牌。此后,公司先后于2016年1月19日、26日发布进展公告,并在26日公告中表示袁明正在筹划转让其在上市公司拥有的权益事项。   小牛资本又是何方神圣?记者从其官网获悉,小牛资本是以互联网金融、财富管理和投资管理为主要业务的创新性金融服务机构,设有北京、上海、深圳三个管理中心;旗下有小牛钱罐子移动理财平台,小牛在线小贷和普惠理财平台。   同洲电子主营数字卫星接收机等数字电视接收设备的研制和生产,网络、计算机、通讯、广电设备、软件研制生产及其系统集成,以及LED电子显示屏的生产经营。THE_END 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: