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Erase the traces of time injection of hyaluronic acid – Sohu healthy natural hyaluronic acid, the original colloidal form in human skin dermal tissue, is responsible for the storage of water, increase the volume of the skin, make the skin look plump, plump and elastic, 100 times higher than the water storage component of its own weight. After a woman in 25 years old, the skin of hyaluronic acid will begin to drain, to 30 years old will lose nearly half, almost only 25% at the age of 60. For a long time, so that the skin lost the ability to store water, gradually become dark, aging, and the formation of small wrinkles. Let us look at the injection of hyaluronic acid in the end what effect. Smooth wrinkles due to the skin by the external environment, the gradual formation of free radicals, when the material is damaged, it will cause the appearance of facial wrinkles. Wrinkles are generally regular, the order is from the forehead, eyelids, lateral canthus to preauricular neck, etc.. Indications: forehead wrinkles, lines between the eyebrows, eye wrinkles, crow’s feet, nose stripes, nasolabial fold, nasolabial folds, mouth lines, neck lines etc.. To enhance the outline of the perfect face requires facial coordination, the proportion of the face as close as possible to the " gold ratio " standard. Most of the eastern face lacks a clear outline, the more terrible is because of the age of the long, drooping face, no lines at all. Indications: nose, lip and chin Feng, Feng Feng temporal, zygomatic, cheek, Feng Feng temple, Feng earlobe, scar sag, breast, buttock etc.. Replenishment moisture is a saying: all skin problems are due to lack of water. Therefore, no matter what season, replenishment is a woman will do homework. Injection of hyaluronic acid moisturizing a lunch time, your skin will be like eighteen years old girl like delicate. Beautiful with safety and health as the foundation itself is a kind of hyaluronic acid in the skin and skin ingredients, excellent intermiscibility, without fear of rejection and allergies and other adverse reactions. As will be slowly discharged The new supersedes the old., hyaluronic acid, if not satisfied with the shaping effect, can be removed again, without any side effects.相关的主题文章: