Excellent step insider secret ghost car set up the horror head is to avoid face recognition-footman

Yuho insider secret "ghost train": a horror picture is in order to avoid face recognition nearly half a month since yuho "ghost car" to continue the wandering, "sphere of influence" from Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Qingdao, Xiamen, Chengdu to expand. The driver of the car after the receipt of a single trip, half-way do not contact the passengers, most of the ghost car to pick up the list within one minute that is the end. It is open with hair standing on end, these "ghost train" the driver’s head, almost all picture distortion, pale, black lips, the driver’s phone is always busy, many passengers said scared these photos. Why do these "ghost cars" set up a horror avatar? How to complete the registration and grab a single? September 20th, an excellent step insiders told surging news (), this should be gang crime, because the ghost car driver’s head is particularly scary on a few." The insider said, ghost car gangs will head PS into a terrorist photo, should be in order to avoid the merits of the face recognition technology. Excellent step ghost car spread to more cities excellent step ghost car was first found in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities. Shanghai, a passenger surnamed Han yuho told the surging news, September 4th 22 PM, he from the Pearl Plaza in the vicinity of excellent step down a list of excellent step driver head deformation to pick up a single, and began the trip, but in 0.25 minutes after the end of the trip. Yuho platform to "the lowest consumption supplement deducted 10 yuan fare passenger surnamed han. In this regard, Han passengers to the drivers without cancellation fee "on the grounds, a complaint to the excellent step platform, excellent step to refund the fare, and reply said," for the trip of the owners, we have carried on the warning, and to report to the relevant departments of the owners of record of cooperation, we will consider the record after verification the relevant punishment for him." Up to now, excellent step China has not announced the ghost car driver punishment. Two weeks later, a similar phenomenon began in Qingdao, Xiamen, Chengdu and other cities staged. Not to cheat bus fare? Excellent step in the Chinese side had to surging news () explained that the so-called ghost car, in fact, the driver’s brush behavior, excellent step operations and technical departments have been in the fight against. A yuho insiders told the surging News Network about cars on the platform "brush" has always been there, after the driver in order to obtain the peak travel awards, awards, gold awards will go to the driver, "brush". Network about the car driver ‘brush’ is not a new thing, this time because of being dubbed ‘ghost car’ gimmick, so the attention is particularly large." An insider told the surging news. "However, this should be gang crime, because ‘ghost car’ driver’s head is particularly scary on a few." The insider said, "" ghost not to cheat the owners’ fare, excellent step new driver award is higher than the drops, easy to, therefore, the "ghost train" Gang through a large number of new vehicles registered, to obtain excellent step driver recommended award and new driver award." The insider also revealed that excellent driver recommended driver (driver recommended Award) for 30 yuan. A network of "2016 excellent driver award.相关的主题文章: