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The expert reminds: after three days of work leisurely dry one or two hours sleep "to alleviate the holiday syndrome ahead of holiday, first is to adjust the schedule, especially during the holiday night, night entertainment lead appeared Festival sleep disorders of workers, more attention should be paid to Zaoshuizaoqi to ensure adequate sleep time. The best bubble foot before bedtime, can eliminate body fatigue, help sleep. Gao Liling, a psychologist at the mental health center of Anhui Province, suggested. The correct approach is more than a holiday one or two hours ahead of time to sleep, get up at the same time, wake up can take a walk, do exercises, to give the body a buffer period, in order to achieve the purpose of recovery as soon as possible. Diet: light, and eat more bean products Gao Liling said, in all the syndromes, the stomach problem is the biggest problem. Food, drink, let the stomach irritation, there will be a lot of people of various gastrointestinal problems in the post, such as indigestion, anorexia nervosa etc.. After the diet should be light, so during the holiday meal or eat too much stomach to rest, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, vegetables, dietary fiber can promote gastrointestinal motility, adjust gastrointestinal function. Working people can eat more protein – rich bean products, milk, fish, eggs and so on, in order to help eliminate fatigue and restore physical strength. Psychology: moderate buffer, don’t worry too much, the relief of holiday syndrome needs a transition time. Normal work and learning rhythm will help people to complete the adjustment, so the three day after the festival is not overloaded. There is a little transition time when the work load is not resumed before the holiday. First, we need to finish the work we need to finish, put the urgent things aside and give ourselves one or two weeks to increase workload according to personal work. Original title: experts remind: three days after the festival work

专家提醒:节后三天工作悠点干 比假期提前一两个小时入睡   “缓解假期综合征,首先是调整作息,尤其是在假日中日夜颠倒、通宵娱乐导致节后出现睡眠紊乱的上班族,更需注意早睡早起,保证充足的睡眠时间。睡前最好泡泡脚,可以消除身体疲乏,有助睡眠。”安徽省精神卫生中心心理科医生高莉玲建议。正确做法是比假期提前一两个小时入睡,坚持在同一时间起床,起床后可散散步、做做操,给身体一个缓冲期,以达到尽快恢复体力的目的。   饮食:清淡为主,多吃豆制品   高莉玲表示,在所有综合征中,肠胃问题是最大困扰。大鱼大肉、开怀畅饮,让肠胃大受刺激,很多人在节后会出现各种肠胃问题,比如消化不良、神经性厌食等。节后饮食应以清淡为主,让节日期间餐餐大鱼大肉、吃得太多的肠胃得以歇息一下,多吃新鲜水果蔬菜,蔬菜中的膳食纤维能促进肠胃蠕动,调整肠胃功能。上班族可多食些富含蛋白质的豆制品、牛奶、鱼、蛋等,以助消除疲惫、恢复体力。   心理:适度缓冲,别太焦虑   假期综合征的缓解需要一个过渡的时间,正常的工作和学习节奏会帮人完成调节,所以节后三天不宜超负荷工作。刚上班工作量不要一下恢复到放假前,有一点过渡时间。先把必要完成的工作完成,把不急的事情放一放,自己给自己一到两周的时间根据个人工作情况慢慢增加工作量。   原标题:专家提醒:节后三天工作悠点干相关的主题文章: