Experts teach you ten types of scientific love so that there is a taste of love yuria

Experts teach you ten love love science flavorfully "Scientific American" magazine, an American professor of psychology, Robert · Epstein was promptly summed up the "ten love science", in order to let the lovers love flavorfully, but also to enhance the feelings of relatives and friends don’t use "". The first type: small risk to stimulate the heart feeling. The physical and mental reaction of a person engaged in some intense or risky activity, which is very similar to the feeling of "over power" in love. In addition to play roller coaster, see thriller approach, Epstein also taught us a little game: two people turn back down, the other behind to catch. Second: a little closer. Waterside pavilion helps people to generate goodwill between the. If two people consciously close to each other, deliberately let the other party into their own personal space, and soon they will become intimate. Practice: two people stand about 1 meters away, and then every few seconds to close the distance a little bit, until the two sides are about to hit the 10. Third type: imitate each other. People are more likely to become lovers with people who are similar to themselves, whether it is intelligence, background, or personal charm, and sometimes just copying each other can also enhance the feelings of each other. Practice: two people close to stand or sit, move their hands and feet, but at the same time to imitate each other’s actions, to do the two people feel that they are free and the two sides are consistent. Type fourth: prepare some jokes. In the long and happy marriage, lovers always make each other laugh. Other studies have shown that women are more likely to fall in love with men who can make them laugh. Fifth: do not do things together. The memory is classified storage, if you first think of the person is in every type of memory each other, then it is truly "I have you, you". Chapter six: relax the psychological defense. It is helpful to relax vigilance, but it is not a good way to use alcohol to numb the nerves. Can two people gently hug together, try to feel the other side of the breath, gradually make their breath and synchronization. A few minutes later, the two would feel like one. The seventh type: appropriate to accommodate each other. In order to make some good changes, such as quitting smoking, drinking and so on, will make your status soar. Type eighth: often touch lightly. A simple touch can let a person produce a warm, comfortable feeling, back stroking each other’s magical effects, especially for women. Ninth: share the secret. Write what you are thinking on the paper, and then use a few minutes to convey your thoughts to the other person through the language. Tenth type: heart and soul. People tend to own of two minds on the partner behavior is suspicious, lack of trust, if things go on like this, will cause fatal damage to the relationship between the two sides.相关的主题文章: