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Expert: North Korea’s rocket launch success is not important Global Times reporter Fan Lingzhi] according to Yonhap news, North Korea on the morning of 7 at 9:30 pm pyonganbuk Tieshan County launch East barn launched rocket. The latest news says the launch or failure of the DPRK rocket. In February 2nd, North Korea to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) announced its plans to launch a satellite, based on the development of national space program said the decision to launch the "star light earth observation satellite". The launch date is between from February 8th to 25th. After that, DPRK notified the international maritime organization again on the morning of 6 London time to adjust the launch window period to from February 7th to 14th. Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences researcher Lv Chao said in an interview with the global times that before the launch of the rocket, Japan and South Korea declared that they wanted to "intercept", while North Korea insisted on launching, and said "interception means war", full of gunpowder. The two time for North Korea to launch an international mission is to show the international community that the launch of the rocket is open, and that it is for peaceful use of space. Lv Chao believes that DPRK 6 to the International Maritime Organization bulletin, 7 morning "the first time" was launched, indicating that North Korea deliberately use "surprise" way. North Korea took preemptive action under the circumstances of the US Army’s special operation of "beheading" arrived in South korea." "Launch success or not is not important." Lv Chao believes that "has been launched" is important, before the DPRK has repeatedly launched satellites failed, but it has declared "success", which is an inspiration, the external is to show the tough stance of the Kim Jeong-eun regime. Moreover, there is no such situation as "interception", which should be the result of the dprk. "Personally, I think North Korea just wants to achieve its own purpose, and it will avoid real conflicts and put itself at a disadvantage." Lv Chao stressed that North Korea’s actions exacerbate tensions in the region, Japan and South Korea in the next round of the wave of sanctions will be higher, more complex will continue to take the situation on the peninsula, with the international community against the actions of North Korea during this period, on its own is certainly not a good thing. Editor in chief: Chen Wei, SN225

专家:朝鲜火箭发射成功与否其实并不重要   环球时报报道 记者 范凌志】据韩联社消息,朝鲜7日上午9时30分许在位于平安北道铁山郡东仓里的发射场发射了火箭。最新消息称,朝鲜火箭发射或失败。   2月2日,朝鲜向国际民用航空组织(ICAO)、国际海事组织(IMO)和国际电信联盟(ITU)通报其卫星发射计划,称依据国家宇宙开发计划决定发射地球观测卫星“光明星”。发射日期在2月8日至25日之间。之后,朝鲜于伦敦时间6日上午向国际海事组织再次通报将火箭发射窗口期调整为2月7日至14日。   辽宁社会科学院研究员吕超在接受《环球时报》采访时表示,在火箭发射之前,日韩宣称要“拦截”,而朝鲜则坚持要发射,并表示“拦截就意味着战争”,火药味十足。而朝鲜之所以两次向国际通报发射时间,是为了向国际社会展示“火箭发射是公开的,是为了和平利用太空”这样一个姿态。   吕超认为,朝鲜6日向国际海事组织通报,7日早上“第一时间”就进行了发射,这表明了朝鲜刻意用“出其不意”的方式。“美军‘斩首’行动特种部队抵达韩国,在这样的紧张局势下,朝鲜采取了先发制人的行动。”   “发射成功与否其实并不重要。”吕超认为,“已经发射”才是重要的,朝鲜之前多次发射卫星都失败了,但它都宣称“成功”了,这对内是一个鼓舞,对外则是为了显示金正恩政权的强硬态度。而且,这次并没有出现“拦截”等冲突局面,这应该也是朝鲜想要的结果。“我个人认为朝鲜只是想达到自己宣示的目的,也会避免真的引发冲突,让自己处于不利地位。”   吕超强调,朝鲜的举动加剧了地区紧张局势,日本和韩国下一轮的制裁声浪会更高,半岛局势会变得更为复杂,朝鲜在这段时期持续采取与国际社会对抗的行动,对它自己肯定不是一件好事。 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章: