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Exposing the girls "deadly telephone operators have checked: 23 thousand – Sohu involved in the fraud news August 21st, about to enter the University 18 year old girl Xu Yuyu cheated 9900 yuan, resulting in cardiac arrest and died. In August 25th, the Ministry said, according to the "events" death in Shandong city of Linyi province a girl cheated tuition, has been verified the number is one of the far special (Beijing) Communication Technology Co Ltd, a number of the Chinese Unicom, according to the investigation involved two numbers were registered user name information. Today, much special communication statement to hang out at the official website said, will actively cooperate with relevant departments to verify the data and information retrieval, to help solve the case, and resolutely combat telecommunications fraud prevention, in order to create a harmonious and stable social environment to contribute. So far, communication is what a company? (ID:high3c) company confidential inquiry found that the full name is far from the special communication technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd., founded in January 2005. According to its official website, which was awarded the virtual operator license issued by the Ministry of industry in 2014, began virtual resale business. Virtual resale business. Business information display, far special communications registered capital of 30 million yuan, the legal representative for Chen Ligeng. (far distance communication website screenshot) (far distance communication association enterprises and natural persons, according to eye check) company confidential (ID:high3c) found that Xu Yuyu cheated a few days ago – August 1st, Beijing Chaoyang Public Security Bureau network security brigade in virtual operators much special communications, announced the establishment of network security police room. Joint exploration with far special communications to combat new telecommunications crimes. (network policing ceremony) network security police room has special signs in the suspension office far special communication network security police police agents and office computer proprietary settings. Special communications far President Wang Lei has repeatedly said in public: Telecommunications fraud, spam and other network information security management is a long-term work, should be combined with process operators, all aspects of social governance. In April this year, Wang Lei, President of far communications, said in his speech, the number of users has been far more than 3 million 450 thousand of the number of active communications, covering the country’s 64 cities, virtual business development to see the dawn of earnings, earnings hope. Determination is important, but the results are often unsatisfactory. Company confidential (ID:high3c) found that in May of this year, according to the Ministry website news, from November 2015 to the end of April 2016, the Ministry of industry and information technology has organized the telecommunication enterprises of more than 14 months of crime of fraud and other communications information relates to the telephone number of the fast shut down. In the list, the company confidential found that special communications far 23280 number has been shut down. In June 20th, sponsored by the China Association of virtual operators virtual operators branch of virtual operators to implement the user’s real name system self-regulation activities press conference held in Beijing, far to participate in the telecommunications industry. The meeting said that part of the construction and management of virtual operators marketing channels have not been able to achieve the real name registration requirements, high incidence of false registration and other illegal acts. 170, 171 section of what.相关的主题文章: