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Zhang Yuqi husband 2 times last year, exposure rate liabilities 95%- Sohu Zhang Yuqi entertainment new material flash marriage insider exposure the husband wife and children [Click to enter the HD Photo] (source:     read the new board) on October 26th, read by Zhang Yuqi Jun’s circle of friends scraper. Yeah, that’s Zhang Yuqi, who divorced Quanan Wang. "Met ten days fell in love, married, met seventy days" beauty Zhang Yuqi made another important choice in life, the last time, her choice is Quanan Wang, the result is, Quanan Wang Chaoyang people pit miserable. Star mate is big news, especially female stars. Well married female star is far from imagination so much. The most sensational is cute Huang Yi, Huang Yi married a man named Jiang Kai "genius", but Kaiyuan ginger is not she imagined that the "investment genius", the hedge fund manager Jiang Kai’s assets at the end of 2008 was $52 million, only $14 million by the end of 2009. In other words, Jiang Kai only managed less than one hundred million to soak into the Huang Yi. It seems that for female stars to their bloodline as DD, is a good business. Zhang Yuqi flash marriage named Yuan Bayuan, Yuan Bayuan is the founder of Shanghai Jian Shang industrial Limited by Share Ltd, Jian Shang shares is a clothing company, the company is listed on the new board for. That’s right, you are the founder of three new board companies, is not envious jealous hate? The spirit of Zhang Yuqi and responsible attitude, read Jun to examine Jian Shang industrial and Yuan Bayuan. Read the simple conclusion is: Yuan Bayuan, born in 1973, the company to do the clothing business, there have been two record breaking. Last year, the company’s debt ratio of more than 95%, in March this year, just to melt into the valuation of about 70000000, the company in July 29th this year to apply for listing of three new board, and now and Zhang Yuqi. The name of Yuan Bayuan of Shanghai Jian Shang industrial Limited by Share Ltd is currently applying for listing three new board. The majority of shares is established in 2011, listed on the new board in July this year for the completion of the share reform. As the majority of shares is chairman of Yuan Bayuan, through the two companies own the outside investment, the original investment indirectly holds 71.91% stake in the company, the actual controller for the company. Public transfer instructions show that Yuan Bayuan was born in November 1973, from July 1997 to date, has been doing clothing. The company has TOPFEELING, MJSTYLE and FISHOP three retail brands, as of March 31st this year, the company has a total of 433 retail stores in the country. Take a foreign name, and then set up shop to sell clothing, this business was good before, and now it is not so good. However, the public transfer statement said Jian shares is also good business, revenue of 424 million yuan last year, net profit of 6 million 707 thousand and 300 yuan, this year 1 to March revenue of 285 million yuan, net profit of 23 million 421 thousand and 800 yuan. Growth so fast, mainly in the company before the listing of three new board made a consolidation. Zhang Yuqi should be very happy, but read the king to remind Zhang beauty, 201.相关的主题文章: