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Software Data stored in modern databases in the form of records, tables, views and queries is available in binary formats that are impossible to print, view or show on a presentation. Databases are optimized for sheer speed, and are hard to review, print or publish underlying data structures and queries. But what if you have a database that you want to show to someone without knowledge of database formats, and even without having the database itself installed? Converting data from a database into a simpler format such as plain text, XML or HTML is usually required. And if your database has structures more complex than linear data records, you’ll have a really hard time. Unless you employ a proper data exporting tool, that is! Export data from databases in a number of formats automatically. FlySpeed Data Export .www.activedbsoft.com/overview-dataexport.html exports data directly from numerous databases such as Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, and supports PostgreSQL, Firebird, DB2, Sybase, Informix, dBASE and numerous other databases via ODBC or OLE DB. If you need to export data from a database and save it into a simpler format such as CSV, text, Web pages, XML, RTF, DBF, Open Document Text and Spreadsheet formats or if you want to save data directly into Microsoft Excel, Word, or Access, FlySpeed Data Export will export data completely automatically. All you require is an access to database, and FlySpeed Data Export will do the rest. The data extraction product will read and extract data from tables, views and custom SQL queries to one of the specified formats, making it easier to print, review or publish the results online thanks to a much simpler format. Still hiring an employee to extract data periodically instead of using an automatic data export tool? FlySpeed Data Export takes minutes to set up, and provides almost instant results of a data export query! FlySpeed Data Export performs data transfers in a single click with drag-and drop or the supplied command-line tool. You don’t even have to launch it every time to extract data; having a simple schedule with Task Scheduler solves the problem of periodic data export once and forever. Have complex queries that are difficult or impossible to automate with a regular scheduler? OLE Automation allows automating data extraction operations of any complexity. Database users with complex databases or multiple data export tasks will appreciate the ability of FlySpeed Data Export to use multiple CPUs and CPU cores for concurrent extraction of several data feeds. Learn more about FlySpeed Data Export or download the free trial version at ..activedbsoft../overview-dataexport.html 相关的主题文章: