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F -15 ejection type test flight aircraft carrier, more and more domestic ejection near – Sohu military channel page first: F 15 ejection type has begun flight testing [Abstract] according to foreign media reports, the "Liaoning" aircraft carrier aircraft for 24 fighters -15 aircraft than "Kuznetsov" twice as big, but the flying speed is the same, this is not a defect. Therefore, when we see the f -15 ejection type of aircraft test flight, Dalian 001A aircraft carrier is to be completed, we know that the domestic aircraft carrier catapult footsteps getting closer. Last week, there are photos show, f -11D and -16 fighter prototype with yellow primer to a plateau airport flight, which indicates that the sac had a sense of urgency to the unprecedented development of the -11 series of new generation fighters, especially on the weekend before Russia released the exact message, before the end of the year will begin delivery of Su -35 fighter. It can be said that the message is meaningful. Text with map: the front landing gear landing gear cabin door close-up, visible shape has significant change. Around the aircraft carrier last week, the Russian news reported that the news revealed that Russia is working for the Soviet -33 carrier aircraft mounted SVP-24 navigation fire control system. According to Russia’s reports, this system started in 2008 in Su -24M, FIG. -22M3, MIG -27, card -50, Su -25 and other Russian attack aircraft. Although Russia claims that the system can work even in the case of satellite navigation failure, but in fact the core of the system is a set of GLONASS satellite navigation system. In addition, the system also includes a meteorological sensor, more than 5000 meters in height allowed bomb.     compared with Russia last bombing navigation system, because the computer system development, the system can perform some of the complex maneuvers in the aircraft, rather than the continuous impact of previous calculation system for aircraft bombing requires a uniform motion in a straight before the bomb, a live target. Russia claims that the system can reduce the probability of non guided bombs circle error reduced to 3-5 meters. In fact, as early as during World War II, the Americans had boasted by the gyro sight can make B-17 bombers throwing bombs "into a basket", but in actual combat, these bombers still rely on the huge number of bombing German city, factory indiscriminately razed to the ground. It is not possible that the Russian propaganda is to replace the guided bomb. But it can not be ignored is that, with the SVP-24 navigation system of the Soviet -33 fighter aircraft carrier, and finally have the ability to hit ground targets. Moreover, the SVP-24 system can not only improve the hit rate of the non guided bombs, in fact, it also helps to improve the various guided weapons, as well as the rocket hit rate, of course, is not useless. With this system, it should also include the Soviet Union -33 N001 radar to install a new back-end processing system, so that it has the ability to hit the ground – this is also one of the Soviet -24 modern modification project. By the way, the number of Chinese air force.相关的主题文章: