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UnCategorized After 25 years of obscurity, a new Christian symbol of love has emerged and is fast be.ing a beloved and inspirational new gift idea. As this symbol has been spotted on everything from automobile magnets to jewelry and wall crosses, many people are wondering what it is and where it came from. It’s called The Love Cross, and its availability in the retail market is the result of a partnership between the late Thelma Rynes and trusted Christian entrepreneur, John Strobel. Thelma was inspired to create this love cross design over 25 years ago after an encounter with God following times of personal adversity. The Love Cross was born after a sleepless night when Thelma, having been so upset about some things in her life that she even questioned her faith. After tossing and turning and praying for God’s guidance, Thelma slipped out of bed , and happened to catch a glimpse of herself in her mirror. A quiet voice asked, "What do you see?" Gazing at the outline of her outstretched arms in the mirror, Thelma answered without hesitation. "I see a cross." The voice responded, simply and lovingly, "Then pick it up and follow me." At that moment, a sense of understanding, acceptance, and resolve washed over Thelma, and she was able to return to bed and get a peaceful night of sleep. The next morning, she was over.e by an urge to draw something, and she sketched what is now known as The Love Cross, and tucked it away in her Bible where it remained for nearly twenty five years. Years passed, and Thelma kept the Love Cross to herself, but before her death, Thelma felt prompted by God to share her design with others and she gave stewardship of The Love Cross design to a Christian entrepreneur, John Strobel. Her desire was that those seeing The Love Cross would be reminded of Christ’s unconditional love for man and act as a reminder for all to love one another as He loves us. Mr. Strobel embraced his task wholeheartedly, and incorporated the Thelma’s design into wall crosses, jewelry, car mag.s and other gift items all reminding people of Christ’s most important message for man, love. Profits from sale of the Love Cross products are given to charitable .anizations and faith based ministries. Today, the universal design of the Love Cross resonates with Christians of all faiths as a positive, forward looking symbol; The cross and love forever intertwined. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: