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Facebook launched Events application to help users find interesting activities of Sina Technology – Beijing morning news on October 9th, intelligent mobile phone on the activities that application is not uncommon. YPlay, Eventbrite, Songkick are such applications. There is no doubt that Facebook also want to help you planning activities. This week, Facebook launched such an application. Facebook this is called Events application first released to the iOS platform. Users can view all the activities of friends through this application. So if your friends say they are interested in the nearby food market, you will get the information right away. Users do not need to take the initiative to search in the message flow, or through the Facebook main application specific columns to understand. This application provides a search tag that allows users to filter events based on time or place. Applications will be displayed through the picture to the recommendations, and the recommendations will be based on the user’s point of view, browsing history, as well as the site has been. Through the search box, users can also get more specific information. In addition, through the Calendar tab, the user can view all activities registered. This is not a complete calendar application, but if you often miss the activities arranged by Facebook, it will be very useful. The use of Events is obvious. The number of Facebook users is very large, which attracted a variety of event organizers. Therefore, many event organizers will release information on the Facebook. Facebook’s job is to match the user with the event organizer. This is a simple challenge, but with the increasing content on the platform, it has become increasingly difficult. Video, streaming media, friends anniversary, this information can easily be submerged in social noise. A separate application will help users remember this information. (Zhang Fan)相关的主题文章: