Faced with the complex environment is the time to reform the ceramic tile cabinet-mia farrow

In the face of the complex environment of ceramic tile cabinet is the time to reform the enterprise for the ceramic tile cabinets, the next ten years will be a new era of industrial development and structural adjustment characteristics. For entrepreneurs, to succeed in a new era, we must change the new era of reform and innovation, thinking inertia, enterprise needs to change the mode of growth, from large-scale manufacturing, channel is king, overwhelming promotion, to pay more attention to customer needs, pay more attention to market segmentation and depth of service. In the face of the current complex and volatile economic and market environment, it is time to reform the cabinet business. Now, with the resources, land, labor and other dividends gradually disappeared, a variety of issues are also highlighted, and restricts the sustainable development of the cabinet industry. Nowadays, a lot of aluminum cabinets enterprises aware of this problem, I hope through the adjustment, to enhance sustainable development capacity through the upgrade. But in the process of restructuring, reform is undoubtedly a central and decisive role, therefore, the cabinet enterprise urgent need for reform all-round innovation. The innovation of system and mechanism, the innovation of system and mechanism, is the source of enterprise development and the magic weapon of market competition. The biggest advantage is that private cabinets enterprises property rights clear, strong momentum. But the advantages of the other side is closed, weak property. Under the impact of the financial crisis, many private cabinet enterprises to see their weaknesses, the beginning of asset restructuring, resource integration. In addition, the management system, corporate culture system, market system, distribution system must also carry out a comprehensive reform and innovation, if only a breakthrough in the reform of the unilateral, or difficult to achieve results. The management of innovation and innovation in the ceramic cabinet aluminum industry, most of the family – owned enterprises. Family business can not be denied, but the family management will not work. In the early stages of the development of the enterprise, family management to meet the needs of enterprise development, flexible operation, cost savings, efficient decision-making. However, with the development of enterprises, the original family management has become an obstacle to the further development of enterprises, leading to talent, production, marketing, marketing, branding and other aspects of management is difficult to achieve results. The reform and innovation of technology???? the cabinet enterprise is "motivated for technological innovation, lack of power, people have to do OEM OEM or low-end products, make their own R & D something less, to master the core technology of less and less, so there is no pricing power. This problem is related to the first and second problems, the system has not changed, the management has not changed, the problem of innovation is not easy to solve. To solve the problems of the system and management process, to attract a large number of people together innovation. The reform and innovation of business model???? at present, most ability tiled kitchen enterprises in operation is playing the "price war", often to "lose lose". Many companies do not form a chain, there is no reliable, unique supply, sales channels, market operations, marketing models are stereotyped. Therefore, in the business model cabinets enterprises need innovation. Risk prevention innovation now, some cabinet companies usually feel good, once the crisis, on a cold, corporate profits continued to decline, and some even at a loss.相关的主题文章: