Family travel is no longer difficult 4 200 thousand 7 seat SUV Auditions (video)-marie digby

Family travel is no longer difficult 4 200 thousand 7 seat SUV SUV audition, the heat of the market along with the national two-child policy was again on the peak, more and more 80 friends marry and settle down in the transfer or the first time Car Buying, will have to buy a 7 car to meet the travel needs of the family to, at the mention of 7 car, many people immediately greet is now hot on the market Ford TOYOTA Highlander, sharp boundary and other mainstream models, they all have a strong market performance, but that several hot models of high prices for many consumers very distressed relatively limited budget. Based on the space, configuration, and just need to face on the hand is not a surplus of the budget, today the editor will introduce four models about 7 joint venture SUV about 200 thousand. The domestic cost-effective upgrade 16 outlander four-wheel drive luxury these four cars are Guangzhou MITSUBISHI outlander, SAIC GM Chevolet Kopacz (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), Beijing modern new Shengda (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) and Jiangxi Isuzu mu-X. These are currently priced at 200 thousand yuan, compared with 7 SUV models representative of the joint venture, the Outlander has just completed domestic top models for the price of 223 thousand and 800 yuan, compared with the imported guide price 61 thousand yuan, while Copaci, new Shengda (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) and mu-X have a certain discount rate, the price is very good. The Guangzhou MITSUBISHI outlander models recommended: 2.4L 4WD deluxe edition 7 seat guide price: 196 thousand and 800 yuan preferential market: no concessions about power system: 2.4L+CVT features: Design of the original version, compared to imported more power, has good configuration and four-wheel drive system. Introduction: MITSUBISHI outlander own appearance – the first generation model has entered the sales China market for many years, was also a lot of people recognized, domestic consumers to understand as much as many popular SUV models. Not long ago, GAC MITSUBISHI will be the replacement of the models were made domestically. Compared with the previously imported outlander, made after the Outlander original retains the shape design of imports, MITSUBISHI inherited "Dynamic Shield" family design language, which both fashion and design line have also been recognized by the majority of domestic consumers. The 4 section of 7 SUV model size comparison models Copaci outlander new Shengda Isuzu mu-X long (mm) width (mm) and high (mm) wheelbase (mm) 159 thousand and 800 yuan fashion (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) version is the domestic outlander minimum distribution models, also let the Outlander has a very low access threshold. Outside the vehicle configuration, the whole system comes standard with LED daytime running lights, Aluminum Alloy rim, reverse image, rearview mirror electric adjustment, rear wiper, and we recommend the 7 seat Grand Edition is equipped with 18 inch wheels, keyless entry, power sunroof, electric trunk, roof luggage rack, rear parking radar LED, headlights, rearview mirror heating and electric folding, induction wiper. Brief introduction: Interior – interior materials and design the Outlander performance models at the same level.相关的主题文章: