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Famous V inventory of sina Anhui micro-blog night on micro-blog Master (Photos) usually through the operation since the media in micro-blog, to transmit information, but also transfers the warm positive energy society. The annual Anhui Sina micro-blog night, they all gathered here to gongxiangshengju. Let Xiaobian bring you back together in previous years, the micro-blog night what famous big V bar! In 2012 the theme of "micro force leading to micro love" Sina Anhui micro-blog night, invited one thousand active in the micro-blog users have a joyous gathering, specially invited Mr. Sato micro-blog came to Hefei first celebrity talk show. Pondering the talk show site on 2013, we opened the dream collection, micro force achievements dream. Site selection of Anhui annual influential celebrity micro-blog, they are: Health Ambassador Dai Guangqiang, Anhui glory, of 908, Rui Jiangnan, the old city of Anqing, Jingyang, Wang Mingming and Wu Ting who, Chen Qian classmates, Wu Shaodong. China purple circles younger generation leader – Master Lv Junjie for the award winning guests. Awards site 2014 hundred V interview, take you to know the other side of the big V. The strength of grassroots players Han Chuanzhong handsome appearance attracted the attention of users in 2015 theme for connecting you to my world, the 2015 Anhui micro-blog night in the beautiful swan lake Grand Theatre held in Hefei. From all over the country Anhui star, micro-blog V and political, business, media and the elite from all walks of life to thousands of netizens gathered in this. Mount Jiuhua the most adorable little monk eyes view, many fans of Qin Ming, brother of forensic SWAT Rao Sir and Anhui Huai small police, white, old comrades, Jingchuan grassroots Hefei usually hidden behind micro-blog in the local reds and information bloggers coming together. 2016 Sina Anhui micro-blog night comprehensive upgrade to the "China Festival", the Red Net live, micro-blog V, APP service…… Various new media platform to attract the attention of the whole world. This year micro-blog night, you want to see what stars and big V? The 2016 Anhui Internet Festival and micro-blog night in January 2017 will be held in Anhui, sina is committed to promoting the linkage of various regions of the province, to build a network of open up a fresh outlook event, expand cooperation between the two sides in the Anhui region of the brand influence, partners are invited to the city. [details] cooperation contact: Ms. Wang Anhui micro-blog Sina 0551-65897517 15256045697 [previous night review]   Z 2012weibozhiye index.shtml 2012 review; review of 2013   ZT news 2013weibozhiye index.shtml 2014;   2015 review; review & nbsp; Z 2015ahweibozhiye index.shtml相关的主题文章: