Fan Xin Hua broke the news Zhang Jizhong strong desire to lie at home money-diying

Fan Xin man Zhang Jizhong broke the strong desire for money was lying in the house number money fan Xin man (map) on August 30th, all star claimed that the famous producer Zhang Jizhong’s wife fan Xin man derailed son Xiao Qi, and Fan Xiao said two people are trying to transfer Zhang Jizhong served as president of the "Ji Chinese company" property. Then the fan Xin man at night in the so-called "gossip" held a press conference to deny the derailment, and broke with Zhang Jizhong married life, said the mistress and illegitimate child support in the United states. Fan Xinman said that Zhang Jizhong is a junior high school did not graduate from the Beijing countryside youth, he met him in 1988, and his love is determined in 1990, in Shanxi he also did not return to Beijing, he in the situation of having nothing, he felt the man is very kind, very good, oneself also is north to in Beijing, he was 23 years old, they become lovers. The two married in 2002, and later Zhang Jizhong had some changes, become more and more money desire. Fan Xinman said: "he is the first step of the change, Ma told me that Zhang Jizhong be Huayi people, including his film is good, he is the first great benefits to the Alibaba or the Huayi stock are ma asked me, give me the stock or for Zhang Jizhong? I said to him, I said I’m not interested in money, from that time began to change the quality of Zhang Jizhong, we all know that Taiwan, ask me how much money is now at home, Zhang Jizhong? He was lying at home counting the money, like a nervous. Fan Xinman said: 09 years, 10 years of relationship is very bad, his company does not want to do, no confidence, the first producer is a cultivated, including how to speak, even told the media, including now you can ask at the time of the reporters. Related news: Fan Xin man can’t stand Zhang Jizhong repeatedly derailed he is the transfer of property Zhang Jizhong and fan Xin man Huaxi Dushi Bao "rumors! Purely rumor. It was someone who deliberately said I had a relationship with Zhang Jizhong’s son, Xiao Qi. This is a rumor! Zhang Jizhong betrayed me early, he has 3 years old bastard in the United states. Hope Huaxi city newspaper media friends just report." In August 30th, the network has claimed the insider disclosed to the media broke the news: the famous producer Zhang Jizhong’s wife Fan Xin vine derailed, she and Zhang Jizhong’s son Xiao Qi dry matter, two people have been trying to possess Zhang Jizhong as president of the company’s property in discipline culture. Today (30 days) in late 7, the WCC, cover news reporters in Beijing the first time to contact Fan Xinman, fan Xin man painfully responded that Zhang Jizhong betrayed her. Zhang Jizhong often do not go home, outside a small 31 year old he was a small three, surnamed du. In addition, Zhang Jizhong also gave birth to a 3 year old bastard in the United states. Zhang Jizhong did because she was sorry, at present, he and Zhang Jizhong are playing a divorce lawsuit. As for the online biography and Xiao Qi called the relationship between men and women, it is a rumor, she and Xiao Qi just work relationship, the real derailment is the Zhang Jizhong. In this interview, fan Xin man excitedly told reporters, almost accusing language. She said she didn’t want to keep Zhang Jizhong mistress scandal burst out, to his face normal divorce on the line, did not expect even today.相关的主题文章: