Female nurses for heating a single strip old car accident such as the ambulance (Figure)-solid converter

Female nurses for heating a single strip old car accident such as the ambulance (Figure) female nurses came to see the old injury. The nurse took off her coat and put it on the old man. Original title: rescue the injured in the cold wind, who is she in the photo? 28, 8 pm, Pulandian city station in Dalian temple to the Temple Hill section of Tuen line car accident occurred, a jeep will be a cyclist knocked down the old man. It happened that a female nurse passed by, and saw her running to the injured side, shouting, "I’m a nurse."! I’m a nurse!" And in the winter cold, take off the coat to cover on the injured old man. Witnesses took photos of the nurse to save people, and called her the most beautiful nurse in Pulandian, you know her? The road accident nurse coat 28 day 8 pm heating for the injured, the public Wang Pulandian Yi Miao Tun line after car to the Temple Hill section, encounter a traffic accident. "The old man riding a bicycle in front, suddenly, the jeep dodge the old man knocked out of control, then rushed to the side of the road in the woods." Mr. Wang said, when a car traveling in the rear of the jeep immediately stop, from the car down a man and a woman, a more than and 20 year old woman ran and shouted, I am a nurse! I’m a nurse!" I saw this female nurses went to the injured side down, check the injured injury and a simple inquiry, then call the 120 emergency call. And female nurse fellow man will own the old hat pad in the head, at this moment, watching people touched by the scene appeared, the nurse took off his thick coat over the old man who, for him, only wearing thin clothes until the ambulance arrived. To find the name of the most beautiful woman in Pulandian nurse Wang said the temperature was about 5 degrees Celsius, with the wind, wearing a coat still feel the coolness, but the female nurse makes him feel the heart is very warm, full of positive energy. "We are wearing coats are cold, she a thin girl must be frozen. When she shouted "I am a nurse when the sentence, all in awe." Mr. Wang said. More than and 10 minutes later, the ambulance arrived, the injured to hospital. "Look at no trauma, conscious, there should be no life-threatening." Mr. Wang said. Then the nurse and the man drove away. Mr. Wang told reporters, when the situation is urgent, he only took a photo of a female nurse to save photos, but also did not have time to ask the names and units of female nurses, female nurses left. After that, Mr. Wang will be a warm heart of the matter told the Dalian Pu WAN network, Dalian Pu WAN network released this warm heart of the news, has been a lot of friends point praise. There are friends in the background message, said the name of the female nurse, but did not say the unit. The nurse has not been found yet." Editor of the Dalian Bay network. Do you know this name in the early winter cold, decisively took off his coat for the injured heating "Pulandian the most beautiful nurse?" Source: Peninsula morning news editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: