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Feng Xiaogang CCTV challenge Wang Jianlin! More "bad" insider… Sohu news two days the most hot topic, Wanda cinema director Feng Xiaogang blasted the reduced row piece event. In 18, Feng Xiaogang’s new movie release date, Feng Xiaogang wrote an open letter to the Wanda cinema, Wanda cinema accused row piece because of "market factors" deliberately keeping the Huayi film rate, then Wanda chairman Wang Jianlin’s son Wang Sicong from micro-blog, "pengci" sarcastic response, two people set off in the debate the Internet, quickly lead to the media and netizens attention… The CCTV financial "dialogue" program, invited the director Feng Xiaogang, he will make the interpretation of what kind of movie hot topics you care about? Feng Xiaogang Wang Jianlin: my concern is why shoot China good movie! In October this year, Wang Jianlin delivered a speech at the summit Wanda cinema had predicted that in 2018, China film market will exceed $10 billion, soon to become the world’s largest film market, and in ten years accounted for 40% of the market share of the global box office to 50%. In the previous Shanghai International Film Festival, the famous director Ang Lee in the Chinese film to become ‘boss’ is still a few things?" In the discussion, he said, "why should we have the desire to" surpass the United States to catch up with the United States? "" The face of the capital on behalf of Wang Jianlin as representatives of lofty ideals and high aspirations, the director, and more outspoken Feng Xiaogang, he replied with a "six’s style" red hot taste… Feng Xiaogang: the box office and independent film director Feng Xiaogang puffiness audience: I do not agree with Wang Jianlin, he is concerned about how we get a box office first, large scale, this is important to the audience? The size is a puffiness, what is the use? But I found a lot of people love the puffiness. Not only am I a film director, but I’m also a movie audience. How much do you have to do with me? Feng Xiaogang: the box office of the world’s first is not important, it is important that the film quality of the world’s first film director Feng Xiaogang: do you shoot 900 movies a year, from the future to the 3000, the 2900 is garbage, important? The important thing is that we can only shoot 500 films a year, but there are only about 100 of them in China, and the number of them is pretty good, about 1/5. We in the quality to become the world’s first, many of us feel that our country is rich, we are cattle, I tell you, do a comparison of developing countries and a comparison of developed countries, where, not CBD, not in Shanghai the Bund. Compared with the urban and rural areas, compared with rural areas. Yeah, that’s the big truck. You see the big trucks in developing countries are covered with soil, all the way to drive the car, all the way up in the ash, the developed countries of the truck clean. All right, you clap. Chen Weihong Moderator: I just saw a six Ye… Feng Xiaogang: good art is not out, is the heart to flow out of the film director Feng Xiaogang said: now, the 3.8 women’s day, we’ll catch a women movie. I can tell you that it wasn’t written. "A dream of Red Mansions" cao.相关的主题文章: