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Fifteen. Switzerland: spa town of Leukerbad – Sohu tourism fifteen. Switzerland: spa town of Leukerbad from Jungfrau, we go to the spa town of Leukerbad in Switzerland, two kilometers apart, the car is moving in the the Alps Valley, on both sides of the mountain slope is still tree grass green, scattered houses. The road was suddenly out of the valley and began to climb up the hill. Somehow, after a while, we got into the clouds. The car appeared small fault, in a small village near the stop, this is Leukerbad, outside the altitude meter mountain town, village, is still the cliff towering, misty. The car driver took advantage of opportunity, we have time to look at the small village, on the mountain, where the housing is quite the taste of mountain folds. Maybe because of the high altitude, the climate in spring town, the green grass, flowers everywhere in the street, residents of the lawn, tulips bloom. The village surrounding the hill Snow gleams white. snow melts down, in the mountain village; clouds drifting, shrouded in fog. Mountain waist is the dense forest, forest in the middle of the open space is large, green grass, green leaves with red dots, the residents of the villa. The car has not been repaired, and the tour guide to discuss, decided to walk back to the hotel, about a minute away. We dragged our luggage through the village lanes. Leukerbad is a famous hot springs town in Europe, in history, a lot of celebrities have left footprints in it, even the queen of England, Vitoria praised it. We are very easy to walk to the hotel, the entrance of the fountain is actually a hot spring water, trace the heat. Ready, I decided to go to the map and Mu rain in the village to go around. Leukerbad retains the original village flavor: not the bustling shopping street, no large luxury hotel, everywhere is a typical Swiss Cottage, there is no trace of the old feeling, it is simple and delicate, let a person cannot help relax in here. I and Mu rain in the village to walk, very few pedestrians on the street, you want to wait for a person to enter the lens and then shoot, I do not know how long to wait, but two people had to shoot each other models. In the street, whether in hotels, shops, or residents of the home, there is every kind of chairs, some cushion sheepskin, you can sit down at the town, enjoy the sweet time. Many families in addition to lawn and garden, in the yard of a small open vegetable self-sufficiency, have ample food and clothing. Some people will also set up a statue in their own homes, or in the house decorated with small ornaments, you face these elaborate design, not by people’s confidence and confidence in life. To leave the snow from the mountain, in the village to form a river on both sides of the river, verdant trees, houses scattered, livable, but also so. As the spa town, Lailuoyikebade nature cannot do without the Spa Hotel, in addition to the hot springs pool, there are two indoor and outdoor hot spring swimming pool, we chose the outdoors, can swim, can also breathe the fresh air. Swim tired, lying on the pool side of the chair to rest, through the roof, not far away!相关的主题文章: