Finally found you! 67p comet lander Philae found missing (map)-w-inds.

Finally found you! 67P comet lander Philae found missing (Figure) finally found you! HD image Rosetta spacecraft finally let ground scientists find the Philae lander had been missing the position of the enlarged image, you can see the card in the slot of the Philae September 2nd, Philae landing zone OSIRIS narrow angle camera image capture device, you can find this little lander? The Philae lander parts labeled figure Sina Technology News Beijing on September 7th news, according to the European Space Agency (ESA) website reported on the Rosetta mission officially ended less than a month before, equipped with high resolution camera on this ship found Philae lander previously could not be found in a the dark corners of the comet 67P surface finally! The image of a small lander can be clearly seen in the image taken on September 2nd by a narrow angle camera with a OSIRIS device, and a total of two of the total of the 3 legs. When this image was taken, the Rosetta orbiter was only about 2.7 kilometers away from the comet’s surface. This image also provide definitive evidence that the Philae lander’s current attitude, also explains why after it landed the comet on November 12, 2014, with the establishment of communication links will be so difficult. The Rosetta spacecraft OSIRIS camera group Cecilia · map Biyana (Cecilia Tubiana); a few days ago when the Rosetta spacecraft began to return the data, the first to see the image of people. She said: "in the last month before the end of the Rosetta mission, we are very pleased to be able to shoot at Philae, and observed the details so much." The European Space Agency’s Laurence · – Juncker (Laurence O; Europe ‘Rourke) during the past month has been within the ESA responsible for Philae lander search, including coordination of the Rosetta spacecraft OSIRIS group, lander science mission and navigation center (SONC, CNES), team work. He said: "after months of work, more and more evidence pointing to the suspected lander, I am very happy, very excited, we can finally captured this image so important, showing the exact location of the Abydos region of." The initial contact surface of the comet lander Philae place called "Agilkia", and then rebound in the air suspended for more than 2 hours, the final stop in a "Abydos" area of the smaller end of the comet 67P. After 3 days after the landing, Philae soon exhausted its remaining power from the battery and began to enter the deep sleep state, then only between June 2015 and July, with the comet arrived at perihelion, the solar panel of more power, the communication links have short wakes up and Rosetta the ship, but then again soon interrupted. But until this discovery, the ground staff has been unable to相关的主题文章: