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UnCategorized Acid reflux is a painful condition (basically severe, recurring heartburn) experienced by millions of people every year. It is generally believed to result from the contents of the stomach washing up into the esophagus. Strong stomach acids, necessary for proper digestion, cause intense pain and burning, and when acid reflux is left untreated, can cause tissue damage. Some argue a recent increase in those suffering from acid reflux is due to our modern sedentary lifestyle, and (at least in America), a diet high in fat, sugar and caffeine, all of which are believed to worsen the condition. Regardless of the reason for the high incidence of acid reflux, there are clearly many who suffer from the disease and are in need of acid reflux information. Both over the counter and prescription medications exist for the treatment of acid reflux. Additionally, many behavioral and lifestyle changes can help reduce symptoms. These include losing weight, following a particular "acid reflux diet" and sleeping on an incline. Making sense of the wide variety of acid reflux information available is an important first step toward disease management. Sources of Acid Reflux Information Like any disease, those suffering from acid reflux should first visit a doctor. There is no substitute for professional medical advice. Doctors can be a valuable source of acid reflux information and can re.mend treatments that are applicable for you as an individual, rather than simply providing information about the disease itself. Additionally, some people require prescription medications to .pletely alleviate their symptoms. Acid reflux information also abounds on the Internet. A simple Google search for acid reflux reveals over 3 million websites that one can leisurely browse in their free time. Different types of sites will suit different individuals, some (like webmd..) offer purely technical acid reflux information, describing the likely causes and triggers of acid reflux. Other sites are more like message boards where those who have acid reflux can connect directly to one another. All of this acid reflux information on the Inter. should be interpreted with caution. For instance, many sufferers swear by some home remedies that have not been scientifically proven to be useful. One example of this phenomenon is using apple cider vinegar to alleviate acid reflux – some claim it is their miracle cure, while others swear it made their symptoms worse. In the end no amount of anecdotal evidence can substitute for the professional medical care provided by an experienced doctor. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: