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Fire officers and soldiers sent water to Xiamen residents into the District, set up 15 water delivery points, thanks to the fire officers and soldiers, otherwise, really do not know how to survive the past few days. Get clean water, the public Liu aunt was all smiles. No. 14 typhoon "Meranti this year" resulting in a large area of Xiamen city without water, living water facing difficulties. The morning of September 16th, six fire squadron officers and soldiers to open fire truck to Jiasheng Verde entrance area, to provide water services for residents. Residents carry plastic buckets and queue up for water intake. It is inconvenient to stop the water supply. The resident Liu aunt said that after the typhoon, the living water of the district was broken, the doors and windows of the house were broken by the typhoon, and there was no water to finish the sanitation, and the toilet could not be used. Former Po fire squadron soldier Zhang Liangpeng said that the front of the Po area was seriously affected by the typhoon, there are 5 districts in the squadron area urgently need to provide water delivery service. I have come to the gate of the community in the early morning, more than 300 households have come to fetch water, busy until noon, Zhang’s forehead is full of beads of sweat, but the water coming to the masses are still in an endless stream. Some old and frail old people can not put water upstairs, enthusiastic little Zhang also helped to water for the elderly, up and down the stairs 8 times, the old man said, thanks to the fire officers and soldiers, otherwise really do not know how to survive the past few days. City Fire Brigade responsible person said, the day of 16, the city’s fire brigade dispatched 65 fire engines, motorcycles, set up 15 water supply services, transport more than 100 tons of water. Relevant video: agricultural disaster reset method, scientific and timely harvest, harvest agriculture after disaster reset method, scientific and timely harvest >

消防官兵为厦门市民送水进小区 设立15个送水点多亏了消防官兵,否则真的不知道怎么 捱过这几天。取到了清冽的水,市民刘阿姨满脸都是笑容。今年14号台风“莫兰蒂”导致厦门市大面积停水,市民生活用水面临困难。9月16日一大早,前埔消防中队官兵就开着消防车,来到嘉盛豪园小区门口, 为居民提供送水服务。小区居民拎着塑料桶,排成长队依次等候取水。停水实在是太不方便了,居民刘阿姨说,台风过后,小区的生活用水就断了,家里的门窗玻璃被台风吹破,没有水根本没法整理卫生,厕所也不敢用。前埔消防中队战士张良鹏说,前埔一带在台风中受灾严重,中队辖区内就有5个小区急需提供送水服务。自己一早就来到小区门口,已经有300多户居民前来取水,忙活到中午,小张的额头上满是汗珠,但前来取水的群众仍然络绎不绝。有些年老体弱的老人无法把水提到楼上,热心的小张还帮着为老人提水,往返楼上8趟,老人说,多亏了消防官兵,否则真的不知道怎么 捱过这几天。市消防支队负责人说,16号当天,全市消防官兵出动消防车65辆次,设立15个送水服务点,往返运送100余吨生活用水。相关视频:农业灾后重置有方法 科学及时抢收成 农业灾后重置有方法 科学及时抢收成 >相关的主题文章: