Firefighters on the job to prevent fire hazards during the Spring Festival shuyue

During the Spring Festival to prevent firefighters hold post fire inspection, fire fighting personnel checks use part of the owner of the business during the Spring Festival of fire extinguishers, and explained. Chinese youth network correspondent left jingshe firefighters on the part of stall fire knowledge and training manuals issued. Chinese youth network correspondent left jingshe firefighters posted during the Spring Festival fire prevention publicity plan. China youth network correspondent Zuo Jing photo firefighters in the inspection of fire safety control room staff use of equipment emergency package familiarity, drawing equipment for smoke mask. China youth network correspondent Zuo Jing photo original title: firefighters on the job to prevent fire hazards Chinese Spring Festival Youth Network February 5 Beijing Xinhua (reporter correspondent Yang Yue Zuo Jing) Spring Festival is approaching, all kinds of market of business of passenger flow of people gathered. In February 4th, Beijing Chaoyang District fire, safety supervision, industry and commerce, quality supervision, business, urban management, agriculture and other departments of the joint inspection group, part of the market, the market fire safety checks. The inspection found the fire channel occupied part of the market phenomenon is serious, the fire law enforcement officers ordered the rectification on the spot. The inspection team arrived at the southeast Sanhuan at the edge of a business and antique bird fish grass Tianjiao market, found a market in the channel mouth, more than 40 bikes placed disorderly accounted for 2/3, road location. "This is a fire road, once the fire, fire engines could not go." Law enforcement officers on the spot of bicycle was cleared. Law enforcement officers also found in the fire channel middle market stores are on both sides of the rows of temporary stalls occupied. After asking the stall that a year ago, they rented the stalls, do not know that this is the fire channel, said the market immediately rectification. In the market a comprehensive management of health care products, the inspection group of the fire hydrant, fire alarm device for on-site testing and inspection of the fire control room. Inspection found that the market in the fire control room for only one person on duty, on duty to inspect the records is not standardized, law enforcement officers will be summoned to corporate law, the existence of hidden dangers for disclosure, and make corresponding treatment. Chaoyang fire brigade told China youth network reporter, before the Spring Festival, Chaoyang District from February 4 onwards, divided into three batches, the establishment of departments of the joint inspection unit, centralized fire safety special inspections of urban and rural, old cottage area, to ensure fire safety during the spring festival. Editor: Li Tianyi

消防队员坚守岗位 严防春节火灾隐患   检查期间,消防人员抽查了春节期间营业的部分店主对灭火器的使用情况,并进行了讲解。中国青年网通讯员 左晶 摄 消防人员对部分摊主发放消防知识手册并进行培训。中国青年网通讯员 左晶 摄 消防人员张贴春节期间火灾防范宣传图。中国青年网通讯员 左晶 摄   消防人员在检查中控室消防安全员对应急包中器械的使用熟悉程度,图中器械为防烟面罩。中国青年网通讯员 左晶 摄   原标题:消防队员坚守岗位 严防春节火灾隐患   中国青年网北京2月5日电(记者 杨月 通讯员 左晶) 春节的脚步日益临近,各类商市场人流客流大量聚集。2月4日,北京朝阳区消防、工商、安监、质监、商务、城管、农委等部门组成联合检查组,对部分商场、市场消防安全进行了检查。检查中发现部分市场消防通道占用现象严重,消防执法人员责令其当场整改。   检查组来到位于东南三环边的一处经营古玩和花鸟鱼草的天娇市场,发现市场在一处通道口,40余辆自行车无序摆放,占去了路面三分之二的位置。“这是消防道路,一旦发生火灾,消防车根本进不去。”执法人员当场组织对自行车进行了清理。执法人员还发现,在市场两侧门店中间的消防通道被一排排临时摊位占用。经询问摊主得知,他们一年前就租用了这个摊位,并不知道这是消防通道,市场表示立即组织整改。在一处经营保健品的综合市场,检查组对消火栓、消防报警装置进行了现场测试,对消防中控室进行检查。检查中发现,市场消防中控室只有一人值班,值班巡查记录填写不规范,执法人员将依法传唤企业法人,对存在的隐患进行告知,并做出相应的处理。   朝阳消防支队告诉中国青年网记者,春节前,朝阳区将从2月4起,分三个批次,成立多部门联合检查组,集中对城乡部、老旧平房区进行消防安全专项检查,确保春节期间的消防安全。 责任编辑:李天奕相关的主题文章: