First futures cashing profits, plastic high

Capital Futures: cash earnings, plastic highs in Dalian commodity exchange plastic 05 contract early assessment finished slightly lower after the shock down, but limited, fell 75 yuan per ton, down 0.85% yuan, to 8770 tons, turnover of 1 million 92 thousand hands, 708 thousand hand positions. PP1605 contract fell 24 tons, down 0.37%, to close at 6380 tons, turnover of 159.4 hands, positions 61.562.6 million hands. Plastic 1605-PP1605 spreads 2390 yuan ton. LLEPE factory price remained stable, but the overall PP factory price down 100 yuan a ton, the spot market situation no futures disk looks so optimistic, but after the Lantern Festival ushered in a wave of downstream or centralized production procurement, price can support some form. LLDPE factory price: Fujian pricing 7042 reported 8800 yuan per ton, Guangzhou petrochemical 7042 tons price at 8900 yuan, Maoming petrochemical 7042 tons price at 8900 yuan, Qilu Petrochemical 7042 pricing at 8700 yuan tons, Yangzi Petrochemical 7042 pricing at 8700 yuan 7042 tons, in the East China petroleum price reported 8750 yuan ton. PP: Daqing refinery factory price T30S price at 6350 yuan tons, Fujian United T30S price at 6700 yuan tons, Maoming petrochemical T30S price down 100 yuan to 6600 yuan tons of tons, Qilu Petrochemical T30S price at 6450 yuan tons, in East China T30S pricing at 6350 yuan ton. On Friday, plastic and PP rose sharply after the market today failed to continue the rally, and is down, but the rate of decline is not large, more than a single part to take profits out. Comparison of futures spot market actively good, more calm and light, but after the Lantern Festival is expected to gradually downstream film factories started, or will usher in a wave of centralized procurement production, plastic and PP space up there is a high probability event. Operation: I think the strong resistance of plastic 05 contract close to 9000 line, the price will be blocked down, can deliver some profit out, and then into the 8600 line more than a single, high prices of more than 8800 appearances, should not exaggerate the rise space. Sina statement: Sina published this article for the purpose of transmitting more information, does not mean to agree with its views or to confirm its description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly and take risks at their own expense. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

首创期货:盈利兑现,塑料高位回落   大连商品交易所塑料05合约早评小幅冲高后震荡回落,但是回落有限,全天下跌75元 吨,跌幅0.85%,报收8770元 吨,成交109.2万手,持仓70.8万手。PP1605合约回落24元 吨,跌幅0.37%,报收6380元 吨,成交159.4手,持仓61.562.6万手。塑料1605-PP1605价差2390元 吨。   LLEPE出厂价维持稳定,但PP出厂价整体有100元 吨左右的下调,现货市场情况没有期货盘面看上去那么乐观,但元宵节后下游或迎来一波集中生产采购,对价格能够形成一定支撑。LLDPE出厂报价:福建联合7042定价报8800元 吨,广州石化7042定价报8900元 吨, 茂名石化7042定价报8900元 吨,齐鲁石化7042定价报8700元 吨,扬子石化7042定价报8700元 吨,中石油华东7042定价报8750元 吨。PP出厂价:大庆炼化T30S定价报6350元 吨,福建联合T30S定价报6700元 吨,茂名石化T30S定价下调100元 吨报6600元 吨,齐鲁石化T30S定价报6450元 吨,中油华东T30S定价报6350元 吨。   上周五塑料及PP大幅上涨后,今日行情未能延续大涨,而且是冲高回落,但是回落幅度并不大,部分多单兑现利润出场。对比期货盘面的积极向好,现货市场倍显平静和清淡,但是预计元宵节后下游膜工厂逐步开工,或能迎来一波集中采购生产,塑料及PP还有上涨空间是大概率事件。操作建议:笔者认为塑料05合约接近9000一线的强阻力后,价格会受阻回落,可以兑现一些利润出场,8600一线再进多单,价格创新高后出场,8800以上不宜过分放大上涨空间。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: