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The Football Association statement respecting the AFC decided Zhang Jian candidacy will not change Zhang Jian sina sports news September 27th, AFC held a special convention in India Goa, scheduled FIFA New Asia Council election, because the agenda has not been delayed by the next election, time to be determined. The Chinese Football Association says it respects the decision of the special session of the afc. Especially after the Congress, the AFC executive committee meeting held immediately, unanimously decided to elect Chinese Football Association executive vice chairman and Secretary General Zhang Jian entered the AFC executive committee. During the meeting, China Football Association delegation and FIFA chairman Hussein Van Tino, AFC president Prince Sahlman, President of the OCA, FIFA director of Prince Ahmad, Asia regional and FIFA member association leaders conducted extensive contacts and exchanges. The postponement of the election, does not affect Zhang Jian’s participation in the FIFA presidential election candidacy. China Football Association will promote the next election work according to the plan, to play a greater role in the affairs of football in Asia and the world, and as in the past and sub foot assembly families together, strengthen communication and solidarity, to contribute to the development of Asian football.相关的主题文章: