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Foshan City haze is a serious phenomenon of 28 site was ordered to immediately shut down – Beijing                                           Foshan City haze phenomenon yesterday the more serious. Guangzhou Daily reporter Chen Feng photo         Guangzhou daily news (reporter Huang Jianyuan) just past weekend, Foshan and fog and haze. Reporters learned yesterday from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, affected by adverse weather conditions, air pollution in Foshan, the primary pollutant is PM2.5.         since the beginning of November 9th, the municipal Party committee Duzhashi led the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Housing Management Bureau, Transportation Bureau, bureau of land planning daily composed of 3 special inspection teams to carry out dust pollution prevention special inspection, control all kinds of pollution sources. The work is not in place, not positive, prevarication units and individuals will be strictly accountable, involving dereliction of duty, will be transferred to the discipline inspection departments.         carry out air pollution control precision         according to reports, the municipal government attaches great importance to the prevention of air pollution of the autumn season, party secretary Lu Yi paid close attention to the air quality requirements, districts and departments to implement the plan in accordance with the established firm. The day before yesterday, facing the pollution situation of rapid development, Foshan City Central Committee Office on the day of 22 launched on key areas of prevention and control precision.         last night, the City Central Committee Office Deputy Director Yang Yongtai in 23 called the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau relevant personnel deployment research, composed of 5 inspection teams to 5 areas even ride the scene on the inspection, found a total of 30 enterprises and construction sites and other problems, immediately shut down the serious 6 field office in order to make, the other 24 requirements to enact reform legislation.         yesterday, according to the air quality forecast in Foshan nearly 24 hours of air quality may be promoted to moderate pollution, severe pollution in the local area, City Central Committee Office increase supervision, organization 8 inspection teams to 5 all-weather area on the implementation for inspection, as of 13 pm yesterday a total of 52, supervision of pollution sources, 28 problems in the inspection found the scene ordered the immediate suspension.         the dust pollution prevention and control a pass rate of only 64%        it is reported that the City Commission Office will ring for the problems found in the inspection and timely analysis, to the point and the surface, to promote the full implementation of the work. The work is not in place, not positive, prevarication units and individuals will be strictly accountable,.相关的主题文章: