Fragment of wine is really fierce a Wuhan woman drank sleeping 15 hours in

"Fragment of wine" is really fierce a Wuhan woman drank sleeping 15 hours – Beijing Chu network news (reporter Xu Fang correspondent Shi Wei?) recently, "a good bottle fell" called "fragments of wine" on the Internet bar and hot, there are a lot of "fragments" gaffe after drinking. Video network. On the evening of 21 in Wuhan, 25 year old Ms. Liang, in the time with friends to drink a bottle of "fragments of wine", did not expect to become addicts, and drank a bottle of whiskey, this complete "fragments", sleeping for 15 hours. Miss Liang and several friends went to the bar to play, see "fragment of wine", just a few bottles. After drinking a bottle of Miss Liang, suddenly feel sober to drink, and then ordered a bottle of whisky height, did not put a few bottles of wine. Then, she still awake and chat with friends, not long after the fall suddenly become unconscious. Friends were scared to contact her husband, they took her to the nearby Wuhan Wuchang hospital. Reception of the emergency department doctor Yan Jixi found Miss Liang body, hair have vomit vomit, worry and blocked, help clear her vomit and nose. That she is drinking too much, and she was hanging on a sobering bit. Miss Liang has been in a state of lethargy, 21 evening 11 o’clock to the hospital, until the afternoon of the second day more than 3 wake up. Yan general doctors, the drunk man, hanging on a bit a few hours will wake up, under normal circumstances, people start drinking experience natural protective mechanism, let people sleep, vomiting etc.. As for why Miss Liang Yan slept so long, the doctor said: "in the" fragment of wine "some ingredients will stop drunk, let a person in a period of time to keep the excitement and clear, easy to drink more and more." Yan doctor said, easy drinking too much alcohol poisoning, the most serious of the nervous system and liver damage, even vomit caused life-threatening airway obstruction. He suggested that the public not drink "fragment of wine", once the excessive drinking, must go to the hospital, to avoid unnecessary injury.相关的主题文章: