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Frank Bruno, a cure for bi polar? Birmingham hypnotist Debbie Williams who is also a NLP master practitioner and life coach explaining in this you tube video how she would help someone who has bi polar to have a more balanced mindset. Bi Polar can be helped If you suffer from bi polar and want to get better and are prepared to work at it then the first place to start is to get Birmingham hypnotists free hypnosis download stop worrying and create a wonderful life from this link here; Debbie says it wont cure anyone of their bi polar but it will help to start your mindset to go towards a more positive direction. You will receive Birmingham hypnotist and life coach monthly coaching newsletter to focus on goals of how to be happy again. Birmingham hypnotist, a message; If you know Frank Bruno, please pass this video onto him as I would love to work with him using hypnosis and NLP for free in exchange for recording it to help others see more fully his journey and therefore help themselves to let go or the extremes of bi polar and feel in balance again. My mums best friend, like Frank Bruno had bi polar and even recorded a programme with the BBC, Horizon I think about his treatment and being forced to have ECT against his will, which just created gaps in his memory and did nothing to help him recover from bi polar. Ill never forget the Christmas card from his wife saying Andys dead they killed him (her belief) It was when I was just mastering NLP and thinking I could of helped him, and the more I heard his story about his bi polar the more I knew I could of helped him. Birmingham Hypnotherapy and NLP Debbie is a hypnotist, having studied hypnotherapy with British Hypnosis research and Stephen Brookes. Birmingham based hypnotist has also been a trainer of NLP and has helped Dr Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna on over 50 NLP practitioner, master practitioner courses mainly in London. She runs a successful hypnotherapy and NLP practice in her home town of Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands UK. The NLP modalities of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic are spoken about in this you tube video about Frank Bruno, a cure for bi polar as well as meta programmes and strategies to change your thinking into a more resourceful mindset. Bipolar helped with Birmingham hypnotist videos People with bi polar have lots of thoughts whizzing around in their head and many of them can be distressing . The links here will help anyone who suffers from negative thoughts as well as anyone with bi polar to become more centred if they do the exercises below. Exercises to break negative patterns Here is a specific exercise on how to process those negative thoughts whether you are bi polar or not. You will need to do this often to break the negative trains of thoughts. NLP to be happy More help in training the mind how to be happy with NLP based strategies on developing more happiness and balance in your life helping to leave the polar opposites of bi polar in the past Birmingham hypnotist testimonials You can watch some testimonials for clients who came to Birmingham to see Debbie personally including a chap who overcame his panic attacks and so much more Sutton Coldfield hypnotist other free hypnosis recording and fantastic video testimonials for miracles which happened after listening to it See real people who Debbie has helped in videos overcoming diseases, coming out of comas and overcoming PTSD Birmingham hypnotist help at home from 15 Some NLP and hypnotherapy products for sale to help overcome bi polar each one cost from only 15 as a download and are like having a one to one session with Debbie for a fraction of the cost. Have a look at over 30 studio recorded hypnosis and NLP products which took years of preparing and writing. The feedback is these are no ordinary hypnosis and they are right. You can see from the testimonials on the links above. Debbie drawing on her many years of working with clients in Birmingham and London. Clients have flown in to work with Debbie as well as travelling from all over the country to come to Birmingham. Birmingham hypnotist help for anxieties which covers panic, anxiety, OCD all studio recorded self help hypnosis and NLP programmes from Birmingham hypnotist and life coach to help you help yourself. Birmingham hypnotist overcoming addictions covers addictions to food, drugs,ie cocaine, heroin to lying and other help in this section. Grief, self esteem and more help ..debbiewilliamsrecordings../cds_healing.htm Birmingham hypnotists titles include; more self esteem and grief and even childhood abuse essentials of hair: what it’s, how it grows, what procedure fundamentals of hair: what it truly is, how it grows, what process principles of hair: what it is, how it grows, what procedure principles of hair: what it can be, how it grows, what system 相关的主题文章: