French Chinese increasingly attention to the political forces to become a new force voters – China N-roselip

Chinese in France are increasingly become the new power of political attention voters Beijing Beijing in November 2, according to the French "European Times" reported that the French Chinese Zhang Zhaolin in Europe by the 3 North African youth robbed and beaten to death sparked a social concern, this incident has once again revealed a phenomenon: the importance of the French political groups of Chinese grow with each passing day. In September 4th, 50 thousand Chinese tour streets held anti violence to secure parade. (French "European Times" photo by Huang Guanjie) according to French radio station inter France website reported that since the French Chinese marched in Paris, Sarkozy, Lemerre, Tony, in Coppet French political figures of the big city has come to Europe, it sends out an official information, not only is the sympathy for the Chinese was also said. For the Chinese voters support for the upcoming election. For this phenomenon, Paris 20 district mayor Kalandra (Fré dé rique Calandra) recalls: "beautiful city in 2011 (French Chinese enclave) occurrence of violence against the Chinese, there are also many have never been to the beautiful city of politicians to fall over each other ‘investment’, a natural need to" return "is this, they etc.." Kalandra also said: "Chinese people living in France will be like other French people, there will be more and more Chinese people to vote in the future." The article also said that if the Chinese community has been paid more and more attention, it is not only because the share of the population and economic status, the new middle class but also because Chinese groups represented by the new voters appeared, politicians are hard to ignore "". (Xia Ying)相关的主题文章: