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[fresh] what Hot pot called "Royal seats" to explore shop boat – Sohu and the weather is cold in winter, when it comes to stomach food, my first thought is Hot pot. I heard the city opened a new Japanese small and there is a Hot pot shop, a poetic name ~ ~ "boat", about a buddy, taste the NABE how fresh? Boat · fresh pot, located in the South three layer (on the whole town to the sea), Japanese style decoration style, natural and simple, simple and elegant, suitable for bar seat one food, there are two to six square. Save the ordering of the trouble, we ordered a package, 128 yuan a royal goods fish pot material · and 138 yuan a royal seats extra meat pot material · the imperial palace. The so-called "imperial" refers to the emperor, then the "Royal seat" refers to the feast of the emperor’s life, what is the kind of fresh pot of food can make people eat the emperor feast feeling? The first is a special double appetizer and comprehensive sashimi three spell: seasonal kaiseki: Royal goods set with raw fish is if the chicken is fried chicken Tang Yang. Super meat package with the chrysanthemum Yang, is simply "stuffed letinous edodes", then fried minced meat wrapped with letinous edodes. The bottom of the pot is multiselect, love light, so the choice of Hokkaido kelp pot, simple, but also more prominent the flavor of food. There kimchi pot, tomato pot, Sichuan spicy pot, etc., which need to add 8 yuan. The sauce is unified with radish sauce, can also go to the buffet counter, according to their own preferences collocation. Royal goods package is the main dish of raw fish, fish, shrimp, black Bao Argentina two claw (large pincers of snow crab), cuttlefish and Scallop in Shell, a small piece of meat (beef, lamb roll featured super snowflakes, vanilla Wuhua one of three pigs), and vegetables, Hot pot material. The main dish extra meat package, of course is a big meat, boneless beef steak, optional sheep brain or grain fed Matsusaka pigs, vegetables and Hot pot material combinations are also some. Boneless beef steak, beautiful snowflake grain, juicy, very suitable for hot food. Each child, taro balls, fish eggs, fish balls, fish intestine package tofu, letinous edodes and other Hot pot material, jijiaiai, rolled together, a bowl of reeky, delicious and satiety. Three kinds of optional staple, Fujian style Rice with Stewed Pork, sushi and SOD Seafood noodles?. A complete package is this: collect three copies, will be able to fill a big table: it really is a bit in the imperial campaign, hey… Name: boat · fresh NABE address: Xiamen City Siming Road No. 195 south of the area on the third floor (by the sea town): 138 yuan per capita相关的主题文章: