From the wild the Great Wall was smooth in the reflection of what painting —

From the wild the Great Wall was smooth in the reflection of what painting — original title: from the wild the Great Wall was smooth in reflection of what recently, Liaoning County of Suizhong province "wild the Great Wall disappearing event triggered widespread discussion, a survey released on the 27 day the State Cultural Relics Bureau said:" smooth "measures did not record, and a serious impact on the history of the Great Wall. The event fermentation so far, around the "repair measures are appropriate and other issues, the public opinion field filled with all sorts of abuse and accusations, but less calm and businesslike. The first is the the Great Wall netizen exposure was smooth picture, then some experts questioned the photograph, the story shortly turn, confirmed the authenticity of the picture…… The event gradually into Rashomon, the truth is being concealed by each one sticks to his argument. People are more and more concerned about the events of the "dramatic" rather than behind the right and wrong, this situation is distressing. Cultural Relics Bureau announced the results of the survey will be the focus of public attention back to the right track, but we can not stop the reflection of this. The most shocking event is not all but the mutually making excuses, sloppy repair. The small mouth was smooth the Great Wall was built in Hongwu fourteen years, has been nearly 700 years of history, known as the "third Badaling" reputation, is a national key cultural relics protection units, is currently the best preserved section of the Great Wall of Ming dynasty. This is a both aesthetic value and rich historical sense of cultural relics, the "rescue repair" become unrecognizable, fear of cultural relics from which we do not feel the slightest repair. Some experts argue that: there is no uniform standard to repair the Great Wall." It sounds righteous, but even then no standard does not mean that can break through the bottom line repair work. What is the bottom line? The bottom line is not to change, does not destroy". Cultural relics are the medium of dialogue between people and history, the repair work is not on the ruins of new buildings, but not the reconstruction. Originally the twists and turns of the the Great Wall into the boundless plain "white wall", anyone would feel dazzling, the construction unit can actually "ease" arbitrary. Behind this mocked and is not responsible for the really shocking. The Italy craftsmen hard is undoubtedly worth learning, it is said that the Italy many city streets, buildings and more than one thousand years ago as the cultural relics and cultural relics so well, and modern life closely together, because they are in the "repair time" concept. The ancient building opened at the beginning of the repair work has been started, this is to avoid the overhaul Dajian destructive, will not impact on people’s normal life. For Italy cultural relics repair, repair is an art activity, not only in the history, but also actively shape the history. The Chinese government and relevant departments to work on the restoration of cultural relics is of great importance, devoted a lot of effort for the the Great Wall restoration work, but responsibility does not transfer to a construction unit who, in the bidding process, the construction units have vowed, once put into practice, "efficiency first" has become the unspoken rule. It is not simply rely on the incentive mechanism can change it. State Bureau of cultural relics in the survey pointed out: (local cultural relics department) in the implementation of the project, poor supervision." This is not new相关的主题文章: