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From your world by the end of the film exposure MV Chongqing beauty and fire! Recently, the movie "passing from your world" exposed by Faye Wong sang MV song, with beautiful voice days at the same time, Xiao Bian has been occupied in the film the beauty of Chongqing, qiansimen bridge, Monument for Liberation, rail transportation, eighteen ladder…… Especially when the rail line 3 in Yuao bridge from the underground "poofing" to break out, so excited!!! With the view of the night MV screenshot????????????????????????????????????????????????????????. Burst table values ah, there!!!! I did not see enough to lower down down down down the rail traffic???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? by the river, surrounded by mountains, foggy, Jingmei… Unique geographical environment, full of mystery and Chongqing film had a great chemistry. According to March this year, the Municipal Planning Bureau, the municipal Geographic Information Center released the "Chongqing film map" shows that more than and 200 film was shot in Chongqing. Here’s a look at what the movie is filmed in Chongqing, along with the movie tour of Chongqing…… Down down down down down ° 1 ° Beijing in Seattle 2 "Beijing in Seattle only love" is Wu Xiubo, starring Tang Wei, the film on April 29, 2016 in China released in the mainland box office reached 790 million, refresh the Chinese love movie box office records, China only filmed in nanchuan. The viewfinder beetle Chaoyang beetle Chaoyang, Jinfo Mountain is the famous scenic spots, the mountain shape like waiting for the Millennium turtles, necks staring into the distance, watching the sunrise, sunset clouds, Buddha; hope. The viewfinder jinfosi with Tang style architectural style complex built by King Hall, main hall, the permitted seven, cangjing Ge and Zen Institute, Chongqing Guizhou largest randeng Buddha temple. Li Li Xianghu was filmed Xianghu "insiders" that is Chongqing one hour traffic circle has not yet developed the highest and the most suitable temperature, vegetation, water quality, the best one of the largest volume of artificial lakes and mountains. ° 2 ° Hot pot filled with Chongqing hero as elements of the film "hero", framing Hot pot covers the basic symbol of Chongqing places and buildings, including the Grand Theater, white elephant street and light, of course the crew shot in several Hot pot shop in Chongqing. Setting: Chongqing Grand Theatre, adjacent to the north of the mouth of the Yangtze River and Jialing River Interchange, theater, science and Technology Museum, the Central Park is located in the best place for dating. In the film, Chen Kun and Lily sat on the bench, and they were taken at the grand theatre. Viewfinder: white elephant Street "is the culmination of Paul Liu and Tang Culture Street in the rain alley chase, Chongqing unique alley for the film considerably. ° ° 3; lone loss is a "lost" solitary "Daguai" theme of the film, by Andy Lau, Sandra Ng and other)相关的主题文章: