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Fujian ahead of schedule to achieve the unified registration of immovable property to convenience and benefit for the basic requirements of southeast network November 1st news (Fujian Daily reporter Zhang Jingwen) as of yesterday, the province’s 9 districts and Pingtan comprehensive experimentation area, 58 should be independent of the development real estate registration of all county-level units awarded real property certificate, the full implementation of a unified real estate two months ahead of the completion of registration, Ministry of land and resources to determine the objectives and tasks. Currently, the province issued a total of 284 thousand real estate title certificate, real estate registration certificate of 369 thousand copies. The registration requirements of institutions, according to the registration, registration books and information platform "four unification" around the province, and promote the unified registration of immovable property, the provincial, city and county three complete duty mechanism integration, personnel transfer, data transfer, data integration, window setting, process reengineering, platform construction, issued a new card etc. work tasks. My province unified registration of immovable property, with convenience and benefit for the basic requirements, Provincial Department of land and resources issued a "real estate registration Checklist (Trial)", in addition to the provisions of laws and regulations of the application materials, and shall not increase the other application materials, nor set all clause". The application materials that can be obtained through the sharing between the internal departments of the land department or the departments are no longer required to be submitted by the applicant. At the same time, the development of "network application network trial" system unified system, officially put into use, people can choose to go directly to the hall for a permit registration of real estate business, can also choose the real estate registration through the Internet application, the real estate registration agency audit in accordance with the conditions of registration, the applicant shall submit the application materials of disposable paper rush hall, avoid the applicant due to incomplete material running back and forth, improve work efficiency.相关的主题文章: