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Fujian golden week won gold 14 billion 400 million road passenger over 15 million passengers 7 reporter learned from the Provincial Transportation Bureau, 1 midnight to 7 days 16 when, the province completed a total road passenger volume of 15 million 96 thousand passengers, an essentially flat. The province’s road transport safety, orderly. During the holiday, the departure of 432 thousand of the total number of flights, overtime, charter 32 thousand class organization; city bus passenger volume of about 47 million passengers, taxi passenger volume of 13 million passengers. The province’s average daily organization of volunteer service 5000 passengers. According to the characteristics of passenger visiting friends and other rural areas, increase the investment of rural passenger capacity, total passenger transport 5 million 500 thousand passengers. (reporter correspondent Wu Hongxiong Liao Yue) 7, the Provincial Tourism Bureau released statistics, during the National Day holiday, Fujian province received a total of 21 million 246 thousand and 400 domestic and foreign tourists trips, an increase of 14.9%; the total tourism income of 14 billion 411 million yuan, an increase of 15.9%. It is understood that the festival "Meranti" "catfish" typhoon, the coastal part of the scenic spot in Fujian province has been hit hard, during the national day, Gulangyu Islet, Fuzhou Hulishan Fortress National Forest Park is not completely open, have an impact on the National Day holiday market in Fujian Province, the 23 major scenic spots focus on monitoring the province’s total of 4 million 630 thousand tourists, and over the same period last year was essentially flat. However, due to the self driving tour, shopping tour, sports tourism and other personalized tourism activities and rural tourism, red tourism, ecological tourism, urban leisure tourism and other emerging tourism products popular enough, eye-catching performance, on the whole in addition to Xiamen because of the typhoon the number of tourists decreased slightly, other cities still maintain a rapid growth. (reporter Chu Baishan)相关的主题文章: